The Future of E-cigarettes: What to Expect in the Coming Years?

Want to get rid of your smoking habit?

Finding an alternative is not so difficult these days, as we have a better yet healthiest alternative, VAPES.

As the world trend changes and people are more interested in technical devices. The Future belongs to VAPE! Further, online vape shops has made it easy for vapers to find out and choose their desired online pods.

Research shows that about 55 million people worldwide are using vape devices.

There are multiple advantages of vaping over smoking, switching from smoking is the leading cause, followed by the nicotine consumption and flavorful smoking.

You must be wondering… smoking is dying, vaping is taking the world by storm, so WHAT’s S NEXT?

Keep reading…

Why E-cigarettes, the Future?

Simply, we can say that vaping devices are more popular among the younger generation. Vape devices can fulfill the needs and wants of smoking better than cigarettes.

Let’s deep dive in the future!

E-Cigarettes Are Acceptable

One of the significant issues for a smoker is that smoking is not socially accepted. Smoking in public areas is highly restricted in some countries.

Do you know, second-hand smokers are equally at health risks as smokers, this causes approximately 33,950 deaths from heart disease and 7,330 deaths from lung cancer every year.

On the contrary, there are no such restrictions on vaping as there is no research or evidence proving that second-hand vapors are at risk. 

Thus, it is evident that in the near future, e-cigarettes will take replace the regular cigs.

E-Cigs Don't Burn Tobacco

The majority of smokers choose to vape to quit smoking.

However, vaping is not at all addictive because it only contains nicotine as an additive, and you can control its strength.

In vapes, you do not burn tobacco; as a result, no toxic materials are inhaled, neither to those around you.

According to a current survey, 14.5% of the population in the UK are smokers. However, a change happened, and there are 2 million fewer smokers in the UK than ten years ago in 2011.

They all have shifted to vapes.

Vaping is Less Harmful than Smoking

People these days are well aware of the health risks of smoking. It has registered a claim that all the adverse health effects come from tobacco combustion and inhaling smoke, not from ingesting nicotine.

Analyses by independent researchers indicate that,

”E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking.” Shifting from smoking to vaping will drastically decrease the risk to your health.  

So, if you want to live a healthier lifestyle, switch to vapes now!

To make your switching easier, I am sharing how vape devices are safe?

How Vaping Devices Work

When you understand the mechanism of a simple vape device, understanding their impacts gets easier, and switching to healthier alternative also gets convenient yet comforting for you.

All of the vaping devices have similar parts, including;

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Tanks or pods for storing e-liquids
  • Coils
  • Sensors for monitoring and controlling the power to the coil.
  • Display screens or LED light indicators
  • The mouthpiece

In simplest, the atomizer gets activated automatically by inhaling from the mouthpiece; some advanced devices have buttons to be activated and a display of settings.

The fundamental principles of e-cigarettes have been the same since the first commercially available devices.

So it is expected that in the coming years, smoking will only be done via e-cigarettes and online vape shops will be the a big reason for it! These days, vape shops has made purchasing of vapes quite easy and convenient so this has made switching from smoking to vaping simple and steady!

Make a Switch NOW

The Future is vaping, so if you won’t switch now, you’ll have to in the near future, as sooner or later, these deadlier cigarettes will eventually instinct forever. 

Do let us know, if you want any further assistance.

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