Argus G Pod Kit – Product Review

Argus G Pod Kit

I am extremely excited to review the Voopoo Argus G pod kit in my product evaluation. I have only recently discovered how to use this pod kit. I was able to use P1, the older Argus Z, and other Argus devices as part of the Argus line. Since they use identical coils, I truly enjoyed using the Argus P1, but we’ll see. I’ll give you my complete product review.

The Argus G is the pricier of the two, with a full black-and-white screen, adjustable wattage, and a 1000 mAh battery; the SE is a more basic model with an 800 mAh battery. The pods’ 2 mL capacity and integrated coils mean that they must be discarded immediately when the coil dies. They also offer a blank pod that takes four coils of ITO line.


  • Brand: Voopoo
  • Price: Rs.7500 (Argus G at Artisan Vapor)
  • Colors: Aurora Blue, Gloss Black, Gloss Pink, Racing Green, Sand Drift Gold, Satin Blue, Space Grey

Build Quality & Design

The Voopoo Argus G Pod Kit has a robust, elegant design that provides flavors and convenience. This lightweight pod kit is made of PC and sturdy aluminum alloy. The gadget is the ideal vape because it blends portability, performance, and style.

For a pleasurable vaping experience, the Argus G offers an output power range of 5–25W and a voltage range of 3.2–4.2 V. With a resistance range of 0.5–3.0, this device is suitable for various users, regardless of experience level with vaping.

Battery Life

Don’t charge your device frequently!

The 1000mAh built-in battery of the Argus G Pod Kit is encompassed. Your device will remain powered throughout the day thanks to its large battery capacity.

Whether lounging at home or on the go, you can vape with the Argus G without looking for charging stations. Enjoy prolonged vaping sessions without worrying about constantly looking for charging stations.

Ultimate Vaping Experience

You can adjust the wattage of this device to achieve the flavor and vapor production you desire. There’s more to the Argus G pod kit than just long battery life. Thanks to the Argus G, which offers both warm, potent vapes and smooth, excellent vapes, you are not restricted to a single kind of vape. You have several vaping options because the Argus G works with a wide variety of PnP coils.

With its bright OLED screen and simple design, your device is easy to monitor.

The Argus G Pod Kit is a trendy, potent, and easy-to-use vaping accessory. It offers you a remarkable vaping experience by combining a long battery life with a number of customizable features. Your solution for a dependable and adaptable pod kit is the Argus G Pod Kit.

Argus Pod Cartridge

Even when installed into the mod, the very slightly tinted pods provide an excellent view of the e-liquid levels. 

The distinct resistance markings on the fill port cover help you identify the different pods. I wish all pods could be identified with such ease. 

The 5x4ml fill port is accessible by simply opening the pod cover. It’s a really good sie, and I had no problems with air locks. 

It can be challenging to get the cover to close all the way, which is a minor irritation. It must be pushed repeatedly until you hear it “pop” shut to seal. 

The pod’s base contains the four airflow inlets, the legal logos, and the coil’s base, which connects to the mod.

The pod can be installed in the other direction as well. 

To mate with those on the mod, some magnets must be hidden somewhere in the base, but they’re not visible! 

The mouthpiece is perfect; it’s the recognizable and cozy “Duck Bill” style.

Remember that you cannot replace the coil because it is sealed. You can replace the pod with a new one and discard the old one when the coil performance is inadequate. 

If it fails to appeal to you, you can always purchase an Argus replaceable coil pod, which is available separately.

How to fill the pod

  • Lift up and swing the fill port cover out of the way.
  • Take out the pod from the mod.
  • Tip the mod on its side, with the fill port at the top.
  • When adding e-liquid, make sure to monitor the level through the pod. 
  • Firmly select the fill port. 
  • Allow the pod to stand for five to ten minutes if it’s the first time filling it.
  • When adding e-liquid, make sure to monitor the level through the pod. 
  • Put the pod back in the mod. 

Voopoo Argus G Pod Kit is an impressive companion for any vaper offering a blend of different styles, performance, and convenience. With its durable design and long-lasting battery, you can enjoy an uninterrupted vaping experience wherever you go.

Are you looking for Argus G price in Pakistan? Get your hands on this stylish product at Artisan Vapor store in just Rs.7500.

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