Oxva Xlim SQ Pro Review

Oxva Xlim SQ Pro Review

To find perfect performance, balance, and innovation, Oxva Xlim SQ Pro is the ever-evolving in the world of vape. It is the most fascinating hidden gem discovered to excite and engage the vapers.

Enter the vape universe to enjoy and vape the masterpiece with unmatchable aesthetics with cutting-edge technology – no other but only intricately exceptional device, Oxva Xlim SQ Pro.

Oxva Xlim SQ Pro is an alluring visual symphony that reveals the testament to the brand’s commitment to elegance. With a glance, you will realize the crafted precision and the device’s sleek and compact design that snugly fits in your palm and gives you elevated style with simplicity.

This Oxva Xlim SQ Pod kit is the advanced replacement for Xlim V1/V2 and Xlim SE. The new design of the Oxva is an attractive square shape with a Lanyard included in the kit. 

Let us reveal the interesting new additions to the Oxva Xlim SQ pod kit. Like the other previous family members of Xlim, this pod vape has the facility of refilling and can be ultimately disposed of.  

Unveiling Power: Oxva Xlim SQ Pro and the Performance

This powerhouse device, none other but squared Oxva Xlim SQ, already has a breathtaking exterior. Still, even the interior is well-built and systemized, as the performance is top-notch and unmatchable. It is more than just a pretty face attraction.

You will no doubt grasp a hands-on, robust vaping companion to meet the diversified needs of the vapers.


The Xlim SQ is highly compact, stylish, and fully compatible with the Xlim pods. It delivers both salt nic and freebase e liquid with extremely unique flavors.


Some of the exciting features of this device are mentioned below.

  • Ergonomic AFC
  • Side Fill
  • Highly Leak-resistant
  • 900mAh Built-in Battery
  • High Compatibility (0.6, 0.8 and 1.2)


Like the previous Xlim kits, the pods are designed to deliver full compatibility so you can swap between them. The pod has a coil; you can get 0.6 ohms and 0.8 ohm versions in the kits.


The coil could be safely and efficiently discarded after usage and replaced with a new one. The V2 cartridge is leakproof, and V2 pods can be filled by side port. The hassle of refilling with V1 top fill is no longer required after this V2 side refill facility.


The device has the best airflow options that can be customized and is the most compatible with MTL and DTL coils. Even if you desire a tight draw of MTL or the airy cloud of DTL, the, Oxva Xlim SQ Pro will adapt to the command effortlessly.


The 900mAh battery with a USB Type C 1A charge rate – is the original one that almost recharges up to 80% in just 30 minutes.

The device has been implanted with the latest GENE chipset that gives rapid firing and consistent performance and has the safest and soundest features that prioritize the peace of mind of the vapers.

Smart Activation

The smart activation comes with an extra layer of convenience – no need for buttons; get ready to inhale, and there is a handy live device to enjoy.

Pros & Cons


  • The 0.8ohm V2 delivers an unparalleled flavor experience!
  • The 0.8ohm pod boasts an extraordinary coil life of over 4000 puffs.
  • 0.6ohm pods are compatible with 50/50 up to 70/30 VG/PG e-liquids.
  • The pod quality is stellar; all the vapes are superb!
  • Compact and feather-light, effortlessly wearable with the included high-quality lanyard chain.
  • Airflow adjustment adds a touch of brilliance to the device.
  • Super user-friendly, with the device automatically adjusting the output to match the pod.
  • Crystal-clear view of the e-liquid level.


  • Instead of the groovy “X” shaped LED’s from previous versions, you now get a modest circular pinhead-sized LED, which is a bit of a letdown!
  • Not ideal for those who prefer a Restricted DTL vape – the airflow remains tight even when fully open. The 0.6ohm pod is slightly less restrictive but still on the snug side.
  • It’s a pity there’s no fire button; as it is a backup in case the auto-draw system falters.
  • Encountered a couple of Xlim pods where the fill port cover tore off, rendering the pod useless. However, given the pods’ long lifespan, it’s not a deal-breaker.
  • Charging takes approximately 1 hour, and the claim of an 80% charge in 30 minutes not a good experience.

Oxva Xlim SQ Pro Mod

This device is similar to the previous model of Xlim, but the shape is a new add-on to the current design. Currently, the square-shaped 900mAh battery can be conveniently squeezed into this new square. It is an unbelievably great new look.

The mod’s top and bottom are made of hard plastic, and the rest of the body is made of Aluminum Alloy with a gradient paint finish. 

The color combinations are striking as half body has one tone and the rest another, like one of the mods has Reddy Pink in the beginning and fades into Greeny Yellow metallic paint.

Interestingly, the side of the mod has text written on it. One side says “Xlim SQ,” and the other states just OXVA. This leaves a classy impression on those who glance at it. Well, the logo is a tiny LED at the side of OXVA, wholly changed from Xlim and Xlim SE.

One of the sides has a familiar airflow slider, a carbon copy of the previous model. Meanwhile, the opposite top side has a loop for the new lanyard to attach. It gives the mod a classy touch as the funky add-on enhances the design.

The mod’s base has the USB Type C port with legal logos and the battery capacity details engraved in. The top face of the mod is made up of hard black plastic and comes with a textured pattern. 

The full face is divided into two halves. One has a pod compartment, while the other half is a textured pattern, as discussed earlier.

Inside the compartment consists of 2 spring-loaded contacts, two magnets, and the rubber gasket that maintains and covers airflow sensors. 

This area is available if the Xlim models have auto-draw or if errors arise so the gasket can be removed, and you could dry out the area beneath, which is the cure to the issue. However, this version has no spare gaskets.

Oxva Xlim SQ Replacement Pod

The pod design is similar to the V2 Xlim / Xlim SE Kit – Hence, the views are pretty much the same. The pod’s fill port is on the side with a silicone cover. These pods are long-lasting ones with some wear and tear!

You must remove it with your fingers as it needs a little effort. This piece is the better-improved version of the mouthpiece on the V1. 

On this fill port, 10ml bottles with slim nozzles are appropriate, as any other bigger sizes will result in pouring the e-liquid here and there. While the e-liquid is being run, the user should be careful of airlocks as they turn out to be annoying and timely.

Moreover, clear mouthpieces are a better option for viewing the e-liquid much more efficiently, as the pod could be tipped upside down to see the liquid in the mouthpiece without removing the pod. 

The pod serves over 4000 puffs for every 0.8ohm. The bottom of the pod has the resistance power level, plus magnets, contacts, and airflow holes.  

Quick Guide to Oxva Xlim SQ Pod Kit

The most effective way to inhale the vape is by following the protocol for appropriate usage. Usually, the device arrives with the 0.6ohm pod already installed, but you need to fill the e-liquid in it and keep it for the next 10 minutes until it settles; otherwise, if you inhale it directly, it will give you a horrific dry hit and ruin the pod too, which will provide you with the hassle of the day.

Also, remove the isolator sticker attached at the bottom of the pod’s base to prevent the firing before filling. Later, charge it and fill it up. Here you go for a vaping journey of inhaling and enjoying the smoky clouds. Some of the basic guidelines are mentioned below.

  • Power: Do not switch this on or off.
  • Vaping: To trigger an auto fire, inhale on the mouthpiece.
  • Battery indicator: Illuminates while vaping – Green light at 65% charge – Blue Light below 65% – Red light at less than 30%.
  • Battery Indicator while charging: Battery colors change from red to blue and later green when fully charged. Finally, the LED turns off.
  • Adjust airflow: Move the side slide switch to indicate an increase/ decrease of the incoming airflow per the preferences.

Buy Oxva Xlim SQ Pro Now!

It is the best, with smart built-in quality for MTL performance. It is the most comfortable Oxva pod. There, it comes with excellent flavors that are hard to beat. Even it has maximum battery life. Hence, it is the most convenient vape device to enjoy vaping.


Xlim coils can last between 7 to 22 days, with an average of 13 days.

As the coil is integrated in the V2 pods. They should be replaced after they start losing flavor, and the recommended high-PG, 50/50, and nicotine salts e-liquids.


The usage of a 0.6-ohm pod is supposed to be best fired at 20-25W.

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