Vaporesso XROS 3 - Product Review

Vaporesso XROS 3 – Product review

Have you ever read a product review of Vaporesso XROS 3 pod? If not than here it is..


Since its release, the product has become one of the hot-selling pod kits, which is actually not surprising. Do you know why? Just continue reading..

Do you know the specification of Vaporesso XROS 3?

The newest model in the Vaporesso XROS series is the XROS 3. It’s a brand of pod vapes created in response to people who desired a vape similar to a Caliburn but with a tighter draw. The XROS line has developed in the same way as the Caliburn line over time. It now has completely adjustable airflow and a new RDL-capable 0.6-ohm coil.

The XROS 3 is well equipped with a large 1000mAh battery that takes 2mL top-filling pods with built-in coils. It has a button and an airflow slider. The latest AXON chip fuels the XROS 3, which features cutting-edge COREX heating coil technology and promises enduring flavor consistency. Additionally, it launches alongside the XROS 3 Mini, a compact variant with pre-set airflow and a button less design


  • Specifications: Pod Capacity 2ml
  • Battery Capacity 1000mAh
  • Charging Type-C, 1A
  • Display Neon Light

Build Quality and Design

VAPORESSO products consistently impress with their top-notch build quality. The XROS 3 feels premium in every way, and it weighs just the right amount. The airflow control slider is sturdy, the button is simple to press, and the pods are well-made and transparent. It is slightly taller than the XROS 2 at 115.1 x 23.6 x 13.7 mm and has a much bigger battery.

Regarding the device’s appearance and design, other than the slim LED bar at the bottom, there is nothing particularly unique or stylish about it; yet, the bar is pleasant to the touch and feels smooth. It is readily hidden if necessary, although it is brilliant and gives a neon rainbow effect.

Besides this, the colors make the most of the design’s flair, which is really easy to comprehend. Ice Blue and Spice Grey were what I received. Additional solid and gradient color variations are available.

Using Vaporesso XROS 3 is very easy. It has a button and draw-activated device; the only adjustable feature is airflow.

  • To take out the mouthpiece, push on its flat side. 
  • After inserting fuel through the red-marked opening, allow the pod to saturate for five minutes. 
  • Press the fire button five times to switch the device on or off. 
  • Using the slider on the front, adjust the airflow (left for loose, suitable for tight). 
  • To vape, inhale through the mouthpiece or press the button.

Although it’s simple to conceal with a finger, especially when using the device in draw activation mode, I wish there was a button combination to turn off the LED bar.  

The XROS 3 includes two pods:

  • A 0.6-ohm mesh pod for both MTL and RDL vaping.
  • A 1.0-ohm mesh pod designed for MTL vaping.
  • The 1.0-ohm pod provides a warm MTL vape with excellent flavor and no performance decline after multiple uses. The airflow can be adjusted from slightly loose to very tight.

On the other hand, the 0.6-ohm pod offers a loose MTL to tight RDL vaping experience. While it performs well, adjustments may be needed for optimal use. The flavor and longevity of both pods are impressive, rivaling other top MTL pods on the market.

Overall, with COREX technology, the XROS 3 delivers exceptional flavor and longevity, making it a top contender in the MTL pod category.

With the 0.6-ohm pod on the XROS 3, I used just over 3.5 mL for a charge. That matches the 4 mL I received from the LUXE QS pretty well, and the 1000 mAh batteries appears to be rated correctly once more. The XROS 3 has amazing battery life and really warm vapes.

The device’s bottom-mounted LED bar serves as a battery indicator. After you’ve finished puffing, the battery level is indicated by the color of the bar:

  • Green: 70 – 100%
  • Blue: 30 – 70%
  • Ref: 0 – 30%

I was amazed that I could charge the pod using Type-C charger. I timed a full charge at 50 minutes, which seems to be in line with the 1A rating.

However, the XROS 3 price of in Pakistan is quite expensive, but I am glad that I researched before buying the product and am happy to buy it from Artisan Vapor at a reasonable price.

Explore and experience the exceptional vaping feeling with Vaporesso XROS 3’s notable features, like how well its 0.6- and 1.0-ohm pods function, and talk about the subtle differences in flavor and vapor output between each option.

Furthermore, we can examine the convenience and ease of use offered by the device’s button and draw-activated features, emphasizing how users can quickly change the airflow settings and operate the features.

We may also talk about the usefulness and effectiveness of the XROS 3’s Type-C charging and LED battery indicator, highlighting how convenient they are for everyday vaping activities. We can also discuss the XROS 3’s competitive pricing and value proposition, contrasting it with other comparable products on the market and highlighting its unique features.

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