Open Pods Vs Disposables Pods.

Open Pods vs Disposable Pods

After the sheesha ban and cigarette price hike, the trend of vaping is the new norm among gen Z and late millennials! The reason why the number of vape shops is increasing throughout the country.

People who are new to vaping might have so many options to choose from.

But this is a lot more confusing, isn’t it?

The two very common concepts you’re being exposed to are… open pods and closed/disposable pods; well, today I am here with the basic differences.

Open Pods Systems vs. Closed Pods System

Open Pod System

So, the name clearly tells open pod systems to have openings to go for. These types of pod systems possess refillable tanks and also replaceable coils.

If you need a vape that will work for a longer time, then open pods are the best options to go with.

And, the same is the case with the size of the tank and the battery capacity; so if you want a big tank setup and a vape with a high-capacity battery, go for open pods.

Some of the most popular open pods are; Argus, FreemaxGeekvape, and Uwell.


  • Customizability: Pod systems give you a lot of space for customizability, like in terms of e-liquids, nicotine strength, vape coil, tank, and others.


  • Cost-Effective: A pod system requires a couple of fixed costs – device, pod, e-juice, etc. on the other hand, if you smoke a cigarette, your budget will be out. However, the bottle of e-liquid usually lasts for a month or two, depending on your usage.


  • Maintenance: To maintain a pod system, a little bit of work and effort is required, as you need periodically check up on the pod, battery, or coil, sometimes, your device can give a weird which is a sign that your tank needs cleaning due to the gunk trapped inside. Refilling the tank also requires devoted attention


  • Weight and Leakages: Pod systems entail carrying around the extra weight, at times, vape gear too. To enjoy longer vaping, you might also have to carry a charger along. If you make a mistake while refilling, it can, at times, leak inside your pocket. To keep the pod leak-free you would be needing to keep an eye on the pod, to avoid unnecessary leakages.

Closed/Disposable Pod Systems

Let’s discuss a few things about closed pod systems; as the name suggests, these e-cigs are compact, non-refillable, and have a non-rechargeable/pre-charged battery.

There is no refilling of the tank as you will get a disposable cartridge that is usually replaced with a new cartridge once the old one is finished.

These disposable pod juices are just like tea bags, once you consume them, you discard them. These disposable vapes have an auto-draw mechanism and it works simply by taking a puff. Some of the known closed/disposable pods are; Elf Bar, Puff Bar, UNO, BMOR, and Oilio.


  • Easy to Use: Disposable vapes are easy-to-use devices as they don’t require any initial setup or maintenance. They can be used till they run out of e-liquid or battery. They contain an easy draw mechanism.


  • Easy to Carry: Disposables are easy to carry around due to their modern, pen-like yet sleek design and lightweight. Disposable vapes have a leak-proof system and don’t require charging batteries or refilling tanks.


  • Environmental Waste: Disposable vapes are discarded once they run out of e-liquid or battery. Being disposable in nature, they end up producing a lot of waste. Electronic waste puts the environment in a disadvantageous position.

Comparison Between Open Pods and Disposable/Closed Pods

The demand for vape is increasing, and so are the options to choose from… the more options, the deeper the confusion.

Well, when it comes to what to opt for… open pod or disposable, everything rests on your individual experience.

Bear repeating, the main dividing line between pod systems and disposable vapes is the configuration, the latter is pre-filled with e-liquid and requires the maintenance of its gears like coil, batteries, and tank while earlier are fitted with a refillable tank, they don’t require any maintenance as they cannot be reused once run out of e-liquid supply or battery. However, some disposables do come with a rechargeable battery.

Another difference is the size – the pod system is usually bigger in size and heavier in weight, while on the other hand, disposable vapes are smaller in size and lighter in weight, you can them anywhere.

Open vs. Closed Pods | Which one is CHEAPER?

It is always easy to replace a single part of a PC than to replace the complete PC. To be honest, the same goes for vape pods.

It is always easy to refill the tank of your pod than to buy a completely new pod every time.  

Speaking in terms of money, open pod systems are cheaper than disposables.

Open pods are a one-time investment; to long your vaping, you only have to purchase e-juices after every two to three months. And, with disposables, you need to buy a new pod every time a pod runs off battery or e-liquid.

Open vs. Closed Pods | PERFORMANCE

Well here I will be a bit biased.

Both of the pod systems provide a high-quality vaping experience. As leading vape manufacturing brands never compromise on their quality, whether they are open or disposables.

With so many options available, you can select any pod of a good brand and enjoy your vaping experience. 

Make Your Call NOW!

So, now you can easily make your selection between open pod systems and closed/disposable vapes.

Don’t forget to share your preference in the comment section below!

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