Beware! Fake Vapes Alert

Beware! Fake Vapes Alert

“All the glitters are not gold”… sadly, this applies to almost everything; yes, to the fake vapes and, the disposables we use. 

Seriously, can vapes and accessories be fake? 

Yes, it is one of the most alarming issues in the vaping world. Believe me, you would come across funky, alluring, yet originally-packaged fake vapes and accessories; if you’re not a frequent vaper, you can be trapped easily.

It means, we should have enough understanding about the difference between original and fake vapes, as there are many fishes in the pond – to destroy, not only their credibility but our health as well.

As fake vapes are everywhere, and of course vapers, the interaction is highly probable!

Well, here in Pakistan, where one can expect multiple replicas of almost everything, including our favorite vapes and accessories. You will be surprised to know that in regions like the USA, Switzerland, China, etc., where more than 400 brands are producing nicotine delivery solutions, the threshold of selling counterfeit products is constantly rising.

And, in the European Union, the consumption of fake e-cigarettes doubled (from 5.5 to 10.3 billion) in the year 2020; this number is more than the global sales of genuine products in 2014, which was worth $7 billion.

But, fret not… for Artisan Vapor Company, your health is the priority; we neither sell nor support/encourage the illegal sale and purchase of counterfeit/fake vapes and/or accessories.

*Note: We don’t sell/deal with FAKE/COUNTERFEIT PRODUCTS!!!

Original vs. Fake Vapes

With a falcon’s eye, you can see things you can’t see… Just kidding!!!

You just need a better sense of understanding and of course, a keen eye to identify/spot an original vape.

To make your vaping life and most importantly, your health, a lil better, we are sharing some tips and tricks to spot fake vapes. We are also highlighting the possible damages that a non-legitimate vape/accessory can pose.

When it comes to vaping, we often go for the look, taste, features, and physical aspects of the device/disposable. Just for your information or to show off vape-prowesses to your vaper friends, original vapes are regulated by TPD (Tobacco and related products regulations), ensuring their safety and security against all possible hazards.

So, to begin with, how to check whether a vape/disposable is fake?

How to spot Fake vapes

Hence, to learn the difference between fake vs. original vapes, look for these;

  • Serial number – The legitimate vapes and accessories are labeled with the producer’s serial number, which can be used to track the authenticity and credibility of the respective device. Like a disposable brand, Geek Bar has launched new packaging to combat counterfeit products. The brand introduces an ‘on-pack’ security code, which can be verified online. So, whether you find a serial/security/bar/QR code on a device, do scan it – to avoid fraud.
  • Reputable Distributors – Potential consumers should refrain from buying vapes from unrecognized retailers/distributors. Being the largest network of vape shops in Pakistan, AVC ensures the originality/legitimacy of the products it deals with. Not buying, but selling fake vapes is a serious crime; in June 2021, an action taken by ELFBAR cracked down on more than 2 million finished counterfeit ELFBAR products, millions of anti-counterfeit codes, semi-finished vaping pipes packaging boxes, and other accessories. Even the factories, warehouses, logistics, and foreign trade companies also seized.
  • Predatory Pricing Schemes – let’s say, your favorite KOKO pod by Uwell is Rs. 5,500 and the same is available for Rs. 2,000 at an XYZ vape shop; where would you buy from? If you’re a serious vaper, you will never avail of the lowest offering, on the contrary, a newbie may opt for it. Here, common sense is needed… why would something cost more than Rs. 5,000 is being offered under Rs. 2,000? The original e-cigarettes, disposables, and hardware have fixed market prices and sale options. If you think more closely, you will find fake ones costlier… not to your pocket but to your health as well.

How I can know it’s Fake Vape

Unfortunately, how deadlier we think fake devices are, there is uncountable number of fake vapes/disposables are being sold in the market, attracting customers with indecent practices.

So, how to avoid these… the answer is simple; check for these three key factors and you will get to know whether you‘re being fooled. 

Apart from prices and the negative health impact, replica vapes/disposables/accessories lack the desired misty fumes and clouds, even their nicotine levels are unidentified (more on this below). 

Still not sure, how to identify the originality of your favorite vapes; refer to this table, we have tried to cover the most commonly found counterfeit brands;









A 3D hologram ‘GENUINE’ sticker

A QR code

A scratchable verification code

A QR code

A scratch


check sticker with serial number

Download the IVPS Tour App

Go to scanning symbol

Scan the two QR codes (Code A and Code B)

A sticker with a QR code

A scratch-&-check with a code

A verification code sticker with a 12 or 14-digit authentication code

A scratch-and-check authentication sticker

An authenticity sticker with an anti-counterfeit code

Hazards of fake E-Cigarettes

Even though stringent rules and regulations have been applied in the manufacturing and distribution of original vapes in Pakistan, unfortunately, they cannot prevent fake vapes from circulating around the market.

Moreover, the pressing issue is the vaper’s health, which is at risk due to fake vaping.

  • Illegitimate vape-pods lack quality, they often chemical substances, like toluene which causes health complications heart diseases, and damage to the central nervous system.
  • Black-marketed cartridges contain unspecified nicotine levels. It causes unusual psychoactive disorders.
  • Recycled, worn-out batteries to produce cheap fake vape would cause electrical and fire hazards.

Say NO to Fake Vapes

As the saying goes, “Good decisions come from bad experiences;” and here we are with some ins and outs of fake vapes and accessories, so take our words and then make vape decisions.

So, that bear repeating, to spot an original vape/disposable and accessories, use the given code/serial numbers, don’t buy from suspicious dealers/online vape shops, and yes, don’t fall for major price cuts. 

Stay Safe with Safe Vaping!

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