Flavor of the week: Taylor

Flavor of the Week: Taylor E-Juice

Are you vaping for a long time and still not able to find a good e-juice flavor… you are at the right place; today, I am going to review some of Pakistan’s most-loved vape flavors. These are from none other than a known brand, Taylor Juice.

The name Taylor is known in the vaping industry for its most flavorful e-juices; their e-liquids winning hearts around the world.

The taste of e-juices provided by Taylor juice is unique, matchless, and free from added preservatives and taste-enhancing agents. E-juices from this brand are available in 100ml packaging.

Are you ready to explore all of the flavors provided by Taylor?

Let’s roll!

To offer a different experience to different vapers, Taylor offers both, free-base and salt-nic e-liquids.

Freebase E-liquids | Taylor Juice

Taylor provides freebase e-liquids in two different nicotine strengths – 03 and 06mg – to let vapers enjoy their varied nicotine rush. 03mg vape juice is great for those looking to begin their vaping journey.

Passion Fruit

Are you the kind of vaper who likes to have sour taste e-juices, then you need to try taste passion fruit by Taylor.

In this flavor, you will get a zesty and tart taste that will make you enjoy vaping to the fullest.
If you do not like to have only a sour-only flavor then you can mix this with any sweeter flavor.

Pinky Palmer

Apart from sour flavor there are many other flavors introduced by Taylor juice and one of my favorite ones is Pinky Palmer.

Do you like cool mentholated flavors? Then this one is just for you!
Pinky Palmer is the combo of iced tea and lemonade tart – to make you feel cool along with some waking up lemonade tart taste, coupled with some notes of blended strawberry.

Nic Salt E-liquids | Taylor Juice

Taylor vape e-juices are also available in salt nic flavors. At Artisan Vapor , you will find both.
Let’s explore how salt nic e-liquids by Taylor are different from others.

Passion Fruit

Some vaper only like to have fruity flavors in their vapes, so for such vapers, Taylor has a passion fruit flavor.

This is an exceptional fruity flavor that is not too sweet nor too sour in taste. Once you will add this flavor to your vape, you will not opt for any other, at least for months!

The available nicotine strength for this flavor is 25mg and 45mg.

Pinky Palmer

Another great nic salt e-liquid by Taylor juice is Pinky Palmer.

This flavor is a great combo of iced tea, blended notes of fresh strawberries, and tart lemonade; Pinky Palmer by Taylor is a classic as well as a modern twist in the world of e-juices.
The nicotine strength of this flavor also comes in two variations – 25mg as well as 45mg.

Which one will you try?

Mentioned above are the exciting  vape flavors of Taylor juice, the most trending brand in the world of e-liquids. Try now and share your feedback in the comment section below.

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