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The flavor of the week: KILO Flavor

Are you also the one who is always in search of better vape juice, of course, better than your existing ones; to be honest, other than some of my all-time favorites, I got bored with my seasonal e-juices.

It’s time to look out for something unique and tasty! The last time when I visited the Artisan store, I found a list of some crazy vape juices by the brand known as KILO, their flavors are super-amazing!

KILO flavor continues to impress with their high-quality and satisfying flavors, catering to the diverse preferences of vapers in Pakistan.

So, let’s get started!

Best Vape Juice-KILO Flavor

Do you want to taste something intense and refreshing?

Then you definitely need to try out Kilo Premium e-liquids.

I have tried all the KILO flavors, and none of them were disappointing! 

All the flavors are produced with fresh high-quality, fresh ingredients, and they all are very smooth on every draw, with no harsh throaty hits. These refreshing e-liquids can be enjoyed by both beginners and pro-vapers.

Free-Base E-Liquids | KILO Flavor

Keeping in mind the choices of vapers, Kilo flavor provides tasteful free base e-liquids for its consumers.

However, the vapers have the choice to select their desired nicotine strength for their pod vapes; Kilo vape juices are available in 3mg and 6mg nic strengths.

Kilo provides the craziest free-base e-liquids flavors, some of them;

Smooth Tobacco

Kilo has developed a Smooth Tobacco vape flavor, especially for all those smokers who are trying to switch to vapes.

This flavor is a mixture of the sweet and woody taste of tobacco similar to that of a cigarette.

So you do not need to miss the taste of a cigarette, as you can easily vape this flavor and get your smoking addiction settled.

Tropical Blue

This vape juice is a combination of tropical fruits (strawberry, tart raspberry, and ripe blueberry); uniquely blended to amp up your taste bud.

This is one of the strong e-juices you have ever tried; its tropical notes of citrus fruits will make it hard to resist.

Wild Strawberry

If you’re a strawberry fan, then this tasty, crazy, and wild flavor by KILO is for you.

Wild strawberry is a flavor made with fresh, ripened strawberries; its taste will make you enjoy your vaping session to the fullest!

Nic-Salt E-Liquids | KILO Flavor

Apart from free-base e-juices, Kilo also works for its nic-salt e-liquid vapers –  to enhance their vaping sessions.

Nic-salt e-juices are available in a variety of delicious flavors along with a nicotine strength of 48mg.

Some of my very own favorite vape flavors are;

Tropical Blue

Do you want to taste a perfect blend of citrus fruits?

Try Kilo’s tropical blue, and give a sour boost to your taste buds.

In this flavor you will get a blend of ripe blueberries, strawberries, and tart raspberries; try this on a summer afternoon and make your day cool and wonderful!

Wild Strawberry

Juicy strawberries are something that every vaper would love to enjoy in their vaping session.

Why not make it a little harder, with Wild strawberry flavor by Kilo?

It is made with the taste of wild ripe strawberries that is neither too sour nor too sweet.

KILO Vape Flavors

KILO flavor offers a decent line of free-base and salt-nic; do try them and share your experience with me.

Have a flavorful working day ahead!

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