Best E-liquid of the week- Pachamama.

Best Vape Flavor of the Week – Pachamama

Like me, do you also get confused when visiting vape shops or scrolling through online vape store for a vape flavor

If yes, then this new flavor-exploring guide will help you find the best fruity-flavored e-liquids!

A couple of months back, while scoring through the apple e-juices, I randomly added Apple Tobacco by Pachamama to my shopping cart. Even when receiving my order, I was pretty confused with the taste of the flavor. 

But guess what? The flavor was beyond my expectations, and what’s more, that e-juice by Pachamama was affordable too. 

Upon googling, I learned that the great Pachamama vape juice range is by a well-known company, Chalk Dust. 

Well, I have already tried all the flavors of the proprietor; so here’s my take on all the richy-rich flavors being offered;

Pachamama E-Liquids - A Must Try!

Charlie’s Chalk Dust, the mind behind Pachamama, was founded by former smokers. They are on a mission – to reduce the effects of cigarettes on peoples’ minds, bodies, and spirits. To create something better, an ultra-satisfying vape experience – to give them something less-harmful than  smoking addiction. 

Charlie’s founders worked tirelessly and created the world’s highest quality, flavor-packed e-liquids.

These e-liquids come in a packaging of 30ml, which means you have a lot of vape juice to enjoy! 

Pachamama e-liquids come in nic strengths of 25 and 50mg; go with your preferred requirements. These vape juices are known for their premium quality and incredible smoothness. 

 You can easily buy Pachamama vape juices from any of our vape shops; they are available at pocket-friendly prices.

Best Salt Nic E-Liquids | Pachamama

There is a huge range of flavors by Pachamama with two nicotine strengths – 25 and 50 mg; you can find these on Artisan Vapor Company. 

To know more about individual flavors, keep reading!

Apple Tobacco

My most-favorite e-juice flavors are grapefruit and apple, and I have tried almost all the available e-liquids having either of the fruits. 

Believe me, apple tobacco by Pachamama flavors is just like tasting juicy apples with a slight yet crazy touch of tobacco. It is an excellent combo of taste and throaty hits.

Fuji Apple Strawberry

Fuji Apple Strawberry is one of Pachamama’s most desirable vape juice. It has fuji apples, which are crispier and juicier than other apples, and a sugary-sweet flavor resembling freshly-pressed apple juice.

This flavor will give you a great taste of juicy Fuji apples, a sweet blend of strawberries, and a tasty nectarine. 

Honeydew Melon

Honeydew Melon vape juice is actually made for you if you want a fruity vape treat. 

Would you like to have a sweet, rich flavor with every draw? 

Then Honeydew Melon vape juice will settle your sweet tooth; you will love the combination of melon in this.

If you like to eat something sweet after every meal, you can try this vape flavor to satisfy your sweet cravings. 

Icy Mango

If you are one of the vapers who like to have icy/menthol flavor in their e-juice, then this icy mango flavor is the best option.

Icy mango e-liquid combines cool icy menthol and a combo of sweet mango taste – to satisfy your needs for menthol refreshment and rich mango cravings. 


If you’re a person who loves sorbets, especially in the form of ice creams, then this flavor is heaven. 

This flavor will satisfy your sweet tooth even if you restrict your sugar intake. Sorbet is a blend of sweet and sharp flavors; to make it fruity or salted, you can mix it with any citrus or sweet fruits. 

Starfruit Grape

Talking about the Starfruit Grape vape flavor, it is a burst of mouth-watering e-liquid that no vaper can resist!

This flavor combines the sweet taste of Asian starfruit with tasty grapes to boost your vaping experience. 

Strawberry Watermelon

Pachamama is always satisfying its vapers with some unique and tasty e-liquids, one of which is strawberry watermelon.

Vapers who love the sweet taste of strawberries and watermelon, then try this combo of sweet flavor and cooling effects. This is one of the most-wanted e-liquid of Artisan users; you will find its sample at all its stores. 

So, which one of the Pachamama e-liquids you're vaping?

Use the comment section below and do share your favorite vape flavors by Pachamama; if you haven’t tried any, give them a TRY.  

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