Sub Ohm vs. Regular Vaping

Sub Ohm vs. Regular Vaping

If you’re a newbie vaper or have already vaped for some time, I am sure, you are somehow, somewhere confused about sub-ohm vaping, and how is this different from regular vape pods

Yes, we heard it… being a vaper, you should know the difference – for a better vaping experience, and of course, to flex your understanding with your vaping buddies.

Well, fret not… I am here with some basic understanding of sub-ohm vaping.  

Difference Between Sub-Ohm and General Vaping

Sub-Ohm Vaping

Sub-Ohm vaping or you can say, DTL (Direct to Lung) vaping is the most preferred way of vaping; among vapers, you must have heard the term ‘Cloud Chasing’, sub-ohming is what chasing dense clouds is. This is when vapers enjoy more clouds compared to classical vaping.

So, when you want smoother throat hits and more clouds, switch to sub-ohm vaping.

The ratio of e-liquid for sub-ohm vaping has a higher VG ratio than the PG. However, the resistance of the coil is between 0.5ohm to 1.5ohm.

To create a greater amount of vapors, e-liquids for sub-ohm devices are created with a lower percentage of nicotine; after 2014, this style of vaping became common in USA and UK. 

Pros and Cons of sub-ohm vaping

Now, decide whether it is good for you or not!


  • Bigger clouds: If you like to enjoy massive clouds, just like me then you must invest in a good sub-ohm vape pod. E-liquids are hotter in these devices which eventually results in bigger clouds as compared to regular e-cigs.
  • More flavor: Greater power leads to tastier e-liquids; with a sub-ohm device, now you don’t need to hold for a long time to get a good taste.


Sorry, there’s NO not-so-good aspect of sub-ohm vaping; it’s not appreciated when you want to vape secretly, as the rowing vapors can’t keep your pinkie finger secret from others.

Classical Vaping

There are two methods of vaping – sub-ohm (DTL) and classical (or “mouth to lung”, MTL); the latter mimics the same way as smoking cigarettes – you draw the vapor into your mouth, then inhale into your lungs.

The e-liquid used for the general vaping device normally has a higher PG to VG ratio, and the coils used normally fall between 1.6ohm and 2.4ohm resistance; they are designed to give you the ‘throat-hit’ just like a normal cigarette.

Pros of Vaping

  • It’s Safer than Smoking
  • No toxic/deadly odors
  • Controls the nicotine intake
  • Controls the output of vapor
  • Wide variety of flavors

Since there’re different coils used in both sub-ohm and regular vaping devices; here’s a quick rundown!

Difference Between Standard and Sub Ohm Coils

As mentioned – there is a difference in the kind of coils you can get depending on the function of your e-cig – standard and sub-ohm coils

The difference between the two is the resistance and the method of vaping you use; the former has a higher resistance meaning less charge and juice pass through them, and the latter has a lower resistance, less than 1.0ohms, which means more current go through across the coils. To get your desired vaping experience the vape shops in Pakistan have got you covered as they have all kinds of coils that any vaper can demand.

Final Note

There is a huge difference between sub-ohm and regular vaping. Most people are attracted to sub-ohm because of the thick vapors, devices used for sub-ohm often offer complex mechanisms, so newbies may find them difficult to operate. Moreover, vape shops in Pakistan have witnessed a significant rise in popularity as more people embrace the alternative smoking experience that is vaping.

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