BLVK E-liquids | Review

Want to try out new in e-liquids?

I would suggest to go with BLVK, they have some unique blends; I have tried a couple of their exciting ones, they were worth the shot!

Read my experience and give your vaping sessions, an exciting flavor ride.

BLVK E-Liquids… One of the BEST in Town

Short of BLVK Unicorn, this company originated from Southern California, producing the most flavorful vape juices since 2016. From fruity flavours to traditional tobacco taste, you say it, BLVK have it.

BLVK has both… free-base and salt-nic e-liquids with various nicotine strengths. So, don’t waste your time and get bands on your favorite BLVK flavors.

BLVK Flavors – 60ML

BLVK E-liquids have set a higher bar of expectations in the vaping e-liquids industry, thanks to its top-notch, award-winning e-liquids. Based in Los Angeles California, the brand managed to attract love and craze all over the globe.

In the free-base category, BLVK e-juices are available in nicotine strengths of 03 and 06mg with VG PG ratio of 80/20; other than the regular range, you can enjoy its pink series, too.  

Whereas, in the salt-nic category you can have three options, Pink Salt, Salt Plus, and Unicorn Tobacco Salt, in three different nicotine strengths 20, 35, and 50mg.

  • Caramel Tobacco: If you’re a tobacco lover, try BLVK tobacco blend, which combines the real American tobacco with rich sweet notes of caramel.
  • Cuban Cigar: Want to try something like Cigar in your e-liquid? Cuban Cigar e-liquid is the best, which is made with sugary tobacco leaves blended with the rolled Cuban Cigar. Add some hints of vanilla and make your vaping session unforgettable.
  • FrznAPPLE: If you’re feeling down, FRZNApple e-liquid will boost you, in this flavour, you will enjoy the taste of crispy apples and the cool menthol. So, inhale menthol and exhale the sweet apple clouds.
  • FrznBERRY: In this e-juice, BLVK has combined the sweetness of blueberries with cool icy notes -to make you enjoy sweet flavour yet refreshing ride.
  • FrznCHEE: FrznCHEE is a unique flavour by BLVK; this e-liquid has a tart blend of lychee and menthol. Tbh, this flavour is surprisingly unbelievable for your taste buds.
  • FrznMANGO: It’s when fresh sweet mangoes combined with menthol and icy punches, try this if you’re mango person.

BLVK Pink Series E-Liquids

BLVK Pink Salt e-liquids are crafted skilfully to deliver the right balance of refreshment and sweetness in each drag. These nicotine salt formulations are for both beginners and pro-vapers.

For the right nic-fix with equal PG and VG ratio, try their two top-selling flavors Iced Berry Kiwi and Iced Berry Peach, they are equally aromatic and flavorful.

  • Iced Berry Banana: Want to try the taste of sweet bananas along with the flavour of blueberries? This flavour is made just for you; enjoy banana, berries and menthol in one go.
  • Iced Berry Kiwi: Nothing can be better than this combo of sweet blueberries and kiwis; to double the excitement iced notes are added.
  • Iced Berry Peach: Are you ready to taste something different? In this flavour, you will get the real taste of blueberries, the sweet and sour peaches, and a punch of ice.

BLVK Unicorn SALT PLUS E-Liquids – 30ML

Salt Plus vape juices are a premium blend by BLVK, especial;;y designed to curb nicotine cravings by delivering, refreshing and flavorful puffs.

Try Salt Plus flavors in your pod-based systems or low-output atomizers/mods in two amazing flavors – Sour Apple Ice and Watermelon Ice; the available nicotine strengths are 35mg and 50mg.

  • Sour Apple Ice: Explore the taste of farm-fresh green apples enriched with the flood of menthol in every draw.
  • Watermelon Ice: Experience the cool, sweet, mouth-watering watermelon and the burst of ice and make your vaping session memorable.

BLVK Unicorn Tobacco SALT E-Liquids – 30ML

BLVK Unicorn Tobacco Salts are skilfully blended to create strong flavor profiles, suitable for those who wants to switch to vaping! These highly distinguished e-liquids are available in chubby squeeze bottles, so that you can enjoy your nicotine rush (35 & 50mg) anytime and anywhere.

The available PG VG ration is 40/60; try itys pistachio and enjoy the real taste of crisp nuts in every hit.

  • Pistachio: Pistachio by BLVK tastes just like roasted nuts blended with sweetened tobacco combined with a light splash of menthol – to give you a unique vape juice flavor.

BLVK E-liquids… a HEAVEN of Flavors

So, I have tried a couple of their most-running vape flavors, now you share your experience.

Good luck!

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