GEEKVAPE – A Comprehensive Brand Review

Welcome to the GeekVape review!

Today we will dive deep into all Geekvape products! Let’s geek out with the best Geekvape vape kits, tank, pod, and clouds you’ve ever experienced.

GeekVape is one of the big names in the vaping world that everyone knows. This brand has become famous for their mind-blowing collection of vaping gadgets, boasting vape tanks, and mods that vapers can’t stop raving about.

Now, you might be wondering how this Chinese hardware company skyrocketed to fame in just a few years?

Let’s talk about the history of GeekVape, check out their greatest hits, and see what makes them stand out from the crowd!

GEEKVAPE – A Premium Vape

History of GEEKVAPE

GeekVape, a vaping hardware icon, was launched in 2015 from the tech hub of Shenzhen, China.

GeekVape found its place among legendary vape hardware brands because of their long-lasting high quality products.

Taking in the “geek” culture, they cater to tech “nerds” seeking the most innovative and advanced hardware. With their catchy slogan, “Geek knows better,” they proudly appeal to the savvy vapers in the community.

GeekVape – where geek meets vaping awesomeness!

GEEKVAPE Achievements

2016 – The Tsunami and Rebuildable Atomizer Expertise

  • GeekVape debuted with the release of the Tsunami, a high-performance dual coil RDA.
  • The Tsunami’s innovative airflow design enhanced flavor and cloud production, revolutionized the vaping experience.
  • Later this brand got recognition as rebuildable atomizer experts, paving the way for future successes. 

2017 – Aegis Line Launch and Industry Revolution

  • The release of the Aegis line vape kits begin in the year 2017.
  • Aegis starter kits and coils impressed vapers with their performance, efficiency, and power.
  • Introduced the world’s first vaping systems with IP67/IP68 ratings, making them waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.
  • This brand showcased it’s ability to combine advanced technology with user-friendliness and visually appealing designs.

2018 – The Drop RDA and Affordable Excellence

  • GeekVape’s most significant achievement came with the release of the Drop RDA in 2018.
  • Widely regarded as one of the best drippers of the year, the Drop RDA set a new standard for affordable and high-performing RDAs from China.
  • The Drop RDA’s success further solidified GeekVape’s reputation as a top player in the vaping industry.

Ongoing Evolution – Expanding the Aegis Line

  • The Aegis line continued growing with a diverse range of box mod and pod systems.
  • Each iteration introduced new features, enhanced convenience, portability, and customization options for vapers.

Product Portfolio | GEEKVAPE

GeekVape aims to satisfy vapers with a wide range of impressive product portfolio that caters to vapers of all preferences and experience levels.

Here’s a glimpse of their exciting product lineup of GEEKVAPE:

Best GEEKVAPE Vape Kits

GeekVape’s array of vape kits is a testament to its commitment to delivering exceptional experiences.

With GeekVape vapers can get impressive vapor production, and user-friendly designs. Its vape kits are designed according to the preferences of vapers.

This brand offers innovatively designed vape kits that meet all your vaping needs.

Here’s a compilation of some of the finest GeekVape vape kits available:

  •   Aegis Hero 2 series
  •   Wenax series
  •   Obelisk Series
  •   Aegis Eteno series

As I write this, I’m relishing my all-time favorite, Aegis 200 vape kit, a delightful discovery from the Artisan Vapor vape shop. This device surpassed my expectations, delivering an indulgent vaping experience with flavor.

Best GEEKVAPE Pod Mods

GeekVape, the mastermind behind extraordinary vaping experiences, has crafted its pod mods to satisfy vapers’ every craving.

GeekVape pod mods promise an unparalleled vaping journey. With these pod mods get immense clouds and relish every delightful note of your e-juice with each puff.

The best pod mods by this brand are;

  • Aegis Hero 2 Series
  • Aegis Boost Pro 2

If you’re eager to explore the world of GeekVape pods, head to esteemed online vape shops like Artisan Vapor and seize an authentic Aegis Nano kit.

Best GEEKVAPE Vape Pens

GeekVape presents its exceptional pen-style vape devices. Designed with ease of use in mind, these vape devices are the epitome of user-friendly functionality.

GeekVape pen-style devices are designed to deliver an amazing vaping experience for beginners as well as for pro-vapers.

Experience the convenience and performance of GeekVape pen-style devices. Check out the following top picks:

  • Aegis Legend 2 series
  • Zeus 200 series
  • Aegis touch series


GeekVape is renowned for their robust build, vape tanks that boast exceptional features.

With innovative coil options that enhance flavor to adjustable airflow systems that cater to individual preferences.

GeekVape tanks offer versatility at their finest. Moreover, their user-friendly design makes them perfect for vapers of all levels.

Some of its best tanks are;

  •   Zeus series tanks
  •   Digiflavor tanks
  •  Aspire Cleito tanks

Regarding durability, innovation, and ease of use, Geekvape tanks stand out as the pinnacle of excellence in the vaping industry. I personally tried their Griffin 22 RTA tank and I got it from the Artisan Vapor store.

How do I know my Geekvape is Genuine?

GeekVape has designed a special feature on their website through which you can ensure the authenticity of your device.

Genuine Geekvape products undergo rigorous testing and adhere to regulations, providing the best safety features, such as the 10-second fire cut-off.

Be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true, as counterfeit products may lack guaranteed safety features.

  • To verify authenticity, visit the Geekvape website and locate the security verification box on the lower left side.
  • Scratch the silver on the back of the package to reveal the serial number.
  • Enter the serial number into the security verification box on the website.
  • A genuine product will be confirmed, and you will receive a confirmation for your purchase.
  • If the product is a clone, the website will indicate that the security code does not exist.
  • In such cases, it is recommended to return the product to the vendor and explain the situation for resolution

GEEKVAPE in the Limelight

GEEKVAPE, a prominent name in the vaping industry, has been basking in the limelight with its exceptional range of vaping products.

GeekVape has become a favorite among vapers worldwide. This brand further continues to shine brightly, setting new standards for the vaping experience. 

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