A Guide to Variable Wattage/Voltage E-Cig Devices

Understanding variable voltage and variable wattage, especially for “beginner” vapers, is quite confusing. In short, these are both adjustable settings that control the vape battery’s power to the heating element of a vaping device, like an atomizer. 

Some people prefer to use one over the other, while others will use both (or neither!) Most of the time, it can vary according to the user’s vaping experience or how much control a user is looking for over their device. 

To get the flavor, throat hit, or quantity of vapor and cloud production, you adjust variable voltage, variable wattage, or both.

In this blog, I assure you that your confusion between VV (variable voltage) and VW(variable wattage) will be totally cleared! So you’d better understand how to maximize your vape battery’s power for the best vaping results.

Variable Voltage vs. Variable Wattage

Variable Voltage Explained (VV): 

 The power transferred from your vape battery to your atomizer, tank, or clearomizer is termed “VOLTAGE.”

 It uses the same amount of power whether your coil is brand-new or has been used for a month, regardless of whether your coil is 1.2 ohms or 2.1 ohms. 

It’s your battery’s “manual mode.”

 Individuals who often like to ‘adjust’ their vape pens will prefer voltage settings versus wattage settings.

Variable Wattage Explained (VW):  

Your vape battery’s “automatic mode” is the “Wattage.” Your tank, atomizer, or clearomizer’s wattage will automatically adjust to produce the same amount of power according to the change in your ohm settings. 

Wattage is just like the “auto transmission” for your e-cigarette’s battery.

The wattage setting will automatically adjust the voltage—the power your battery supplies to your coil—to maintain consistency when the ohms on your device change. 

So, if you are a vaper who prefers SIMPLICITY, you will be satisfied with the wattage settings compared to voltage settings.

Difference between Variable Wattage and Variable Voltage

When using variable voltage, you manually control the power from the battery into your device. The device’s resistance level will determine the actual output of energy. In short, you have some controls, but not all!  

Instead of “telling” the device how much power you want to flow through it, variable wattage lets you “tell” the device how much power (wattage) you need it to produce.

To achieve the desired output (wattage), the variable wattage feature will automatically adjust the voltage (power) flowing through the device.

To understand it more thoroughly, your vape’s power is WATTAGE, and the power flowing through it is VOLTAGE.

 The voltage increases whenever you increase the wattage. Similarly, the wattage will increase when you increase the voltage.

You can find vape devices with adjustable voltage and wattage at vape shops in Pakistan. I chose to buy my devices from the Artisan Vapor Store.

How to Use Variable Voltage and Wattage Features

Don’t worry, as there is nothing complicated about it! Read below, and you will master the variable wattage or variable voltage technique according to your requirements.

Variable Voltage

  • You need to install an e-liquid delivery device on your battery, such as an atomizer.
  • Determine the e-liquid delivery device’s resistance level.
  • Choose the variable voltage control option and use the dial or buttons to adjust it until you get the flavor and throat hit you want.

Variable Wattage 

  • Attach an e-liquid delivery device to your battery, such as an atomizer.
  • Choose the option of variable wattage.
  • Adjust your device’s wattage according to your requirements.
  • Your vape pen will automatically choose the appropriate voltage.
  • Change the wattage level up or down until you are happy with the flavor and throat hit.

Benefits of Variable Wattage/Voltage Devices

Consistency: VW and VV devices offer a consistent vaping experience regardless of changes in atomizer resistance or battery charge.

Customization: Vapers can tailor their vaping experience to their preferences, adjusting power levels to achieve your desired flavor, vapor, and throat hit.

Simplicity: Variable wattage devices simplify customization, making it more accessible for beginners and experienced vapers.

*Tip to choose the right device: When choosing a variable wattage/voltage device, consider factors such as battery life, user interface, and build quality.

Make Your Own Choice!

Hopefully, this blog has cleared your confusion between variable wattage and variable voltage. Now, the choice is yours! You can choose your vape device settings according to your requirements and buy your favorite vape pen from vape shops in Pakistan.

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