Everything You Need to Know About “Throat Hit” When Vaping

Welcome to Artisan vaping 101. You must have heard ‘throat hit’ from your vaping buddies; well, today I am here to guide you what this crazy phenomena is and how you can be a pro at it.  

Whether you are new to vaping or a pro vaper you need to understand what throat hit is and how you can practise it?

To begin with, whether you use disposable vapes or any state-of-the-art vape mod, ensure that there’s no hard-n-fast scale to measure throat hit; hits can be strong or weak, depending on your personal preferences. 

Yes, you can control the threshold… just the way you like it!

In this vaping guide, let me decode the art of throat hits when vaping.

How to Tailor your Throat Hit Experience?

This guide is all about techniques, tips, and factors that contribute to tailoring your throat hit experience. 

Join us as we explore the art of achieving the perfect balance and discover the key factors that influence your throat hit, empowering you to create a vaping experience that suits your unique tastes and preferences.

What is a Throat Hit?

When you inhale your e-cig and feel something tingling on your throat is actually “Throat Hit” when vaping.

Throat hits can be smooth, satisfying, strong or even harsh as it all depends on your preference. If you’re a chain smoker and in the process of quitting smoking, you will be more satisfied with throat hits.

These are the factors that can game-up your vaping experience with perfect throat hits;

Nicotine Strength

Nicotine strength has a direct impact on your throat hit. Higher nicotine concentrations generally result in a stronger throat hit, while lower nicotine levels or nicotine salts can provide a smoother experience. For instance,

E-liquids with higher nicotine concentrations, such as 12mg/ml or 18mg/ml, tend to deliver a stronger throat hit. 

E-liquids with lower nicotine levels, such as 3mg/ml or 6mg/ml, typically provide a milder throat hit with less harshness or throat irritation.

PG/VG Ratio

Another critical factor is the PG/VG ratio in your vape juice. PG produces a more substantial delivery. If you want a smooth throat hit, e-liquids with the highest VG are good to go.

On the contrary, PG delivers a harsher throat hit. E-liquids with maximum PG can be unpleasant, as it gives a tickly or scratchy sensation while vaping.

The Power Settings of Your E-Cig

Your vaping experience is also directly in relation with the power setting of your vape kit you’re using. 

To customize your throat hit (strong to weak) use your device settings. 

When you use a powerful mod, sub-ohm tank, or another atomizer that can handle high wattages, your throat hit will be intense. And, if you’re using temperature-controlled mods, its low-wattage vaping mechanism will limit your control over your preferred throat hits.

Vape Juice

To have better throaty hits, I suggest you to go with either menthol or citrus-based e-liquids.

Menthol is one of the best options for improving vapor delivery. Some experienced vapers add a small amount of menthol to their favorite flavors to enjoy that refreshing sensation.

Citrus is another flavor that gives a similar effect. You can also try flavors like coffee, tobacco, and any rich fruity vape juice, to have stronger throat hits. 

Difference between Weak & Strong Throat Hit?

Don’t know what makes throat hits strong or weak? 

Here you go! 

What is a Strong Throat Hit?

A strong throat hit is an instant  intense sensation experienced in the throat when inhaling. It is characterized by a sharp, sometimes harsh feeling that can be felt on your throat just like a “kick” or “punch.”

A strong throat hit is majorly desired by the vapers, who want a more pronounced and satisfying vaping experience that mimics the feeling of smoking a traditional cigarette.

What is a Weak Throat Hit?

A weak throat hit gives you a subtle and gentle sensation that you experience in your throat during inhalation. Basically, it is a mild and smooth feeling that lacks the pronounced intensity or sharpness of a strong throat hit. 

Factors such as lower nicotine levels, higher vegetable glycerin (VG) content in e-liquids, and devices that produce less vapor contribute to produce a weaker throat hit.

Have a Perfect Throat Hit!!!

Let me quickly recall…  to have a perfect throat hit you need to consider nicotine strength, PG/VG ratio, power settings of your device and vape juice according to your preference.

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