How to make Smoke Rings and Vape Tricks

How to make Smoke Rings and Vape Tricks

Ever wondered how vapers make those incredible smoke rings and other vaping tricks? Well, fret not my vape friends, today I am here to talk about VAPE TRICKS, especially SMOKE RINGS.

So, are you ready to make your vaping journey more thrilling?

Nothing can make your vaping experience more exciting than flexing vape tricks to your buddies.

Let’s grab a vape device, get comfy, and try these tricks with me.

Vape Tricks

Learning vape tricks is something that every vaper dreams of, as it’s all about having a good time and showing off some entertaining skills to your vape buddies/partners.

Before we begin, ensure you have a vape kit with a great sub-ohm tank to perform these tricks with excellence.

Smoke Rings

  • Firstly, inhale a good amount of vapor from your e-cig and keep it in your mouth. If you want denser smoke rings, I would suggest you use a traditional e-cig rather than a disposable vape.
  • Now, with the help of your tongue, try to draw the smoke toward the back of your mouth.
  • Next, make an ‘O’ shape with your lips and try to retain the smoke in your mouth.
  • Finally, release small bursts of vapors similar to the contractions of the glottis (for instance, saying ‘butter’ without the ‘t’).

With continuous efforts, determination, and of course, a lot of practice, you can easily master SMOKE RINGS and impress your vape buddies.

The Dragon

Are you a fan of mythical creatures, just like DRAGONS?

Then this vape trick is just for you… this vape trick will unleash the dragon by creating two diagonal streams of vapor exiting through your nose and mouth. Although this vape trick is fairly simple and in only a few tries you will master it. 

Here’s how to do it;

  • Take a simple drag from your vape device, inhaling the vapor into your mouth just like you normally do.
  • Position your tongue in a way that pushes the vapor to the back of your throat. This will help concentrate the vapor for the dragon effect.
  • Now, for exhaling, you need to increase the force to push the vapor out through your nose.
  • Then, close the center of your mouth while leaving the sides of your mouth slightly open.
  • Finally, exhale the vapor through your nose, allowing the vapor to flow out in two diagonal beams. Be sure that the sides of your mouth are slightly open to assist the flow of vapor.

Keep practicing this vape trick and try to adjust the force and angle until you achieve the desired effect.

The Tornado

This amazing vape trick creates a mesmerizing swirl of vapor as it utilizes a flat surface, a dense cloud of vapor, and your hands.

Follow these instructions to achieve the ultimate vaping tornado:

  • For creating a perfect TORNADO, you need to position yourself at eye level using a flat surface, such as a table or countertop.
  • Now, take a deep inhale, ensuring you have gathered a substantial amount of vapor in your mouth. Hold it in for a moment to let the vapor condense and become dense.
  • Then you have to exhale the vapor slowly onto the flat surface to create a dense fog that covers the area. The more vapor you release, the more impressive the tornado effect will be.
  • Now comes the fun part, with the help of your hands create a rapid upward motion within the clouds of vapor. This movement of hands will cause the fog to twist and spiral, resembling a tornado.

This vape trick will definitely amaze your buddies and other bystanders. With little effort and practice, you can master the TORNADO!

The French Inhale

Here’s another simple but impressive vape trick that you can flex with your vape friends, just like a true showstopper.

Get ready to perform this amazing vape trick; learn French Inhale with these steps;

  • First of all, you need to drag a good amount of vapor that should fill your mouth.
  • Next, exhale out all of the vapor in a steady and controlled manner. This clears your mouth of the vapor, preparing it for the French Inhale.
  • Now, use your tongue and lower jaw to try to create a small opening in your mouth. This opening should be enough to permit a stream of vapor to escape while maintaining control.
  • While exhaling the vapor through the small opening in your mouth, you need to inhale deeply through your nose. This inhalation pulls the vapor towards your nostrils.
  • Finally, in this trick, the vapor will flow from your mouth into your nose, creating a charming plume of vapor. The visual effect of the French Inhale is sure to leave your audience amazed.

Let’s Make Smoke Rings Together!

Mastering the art of creating good SMOKE RINGS and other tricks can take your vaping experience to the next level!

To buy authentic devices, visit Artisan Vapor Store and get your favorite device, vape juice, and/or accessories – to ace your desired vape tricks.

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