Freemax Galex Nano Review

Freemax Galex Nano Vape Review

Are you ready to give your day a punch of excitement with a vape? Let us tell you, Freemax, has provided us with one of its latest pod systems, the Freemax Galex Nano. Freemax is known in the vaping industry for its fantastic performance and remarkable vape products. 

Some of the famous products of Freemax are Maxus and Galex Nano.

In the latest Freemax Galex Nano experience of MTL vaping has been enhanced. 

This pod is designed in a square shape, and you can call it a fancy pod because it has multiple settings and some adjustable features. 

This device comes with an internal battery of 800mAh along with a 2ml capacity of the pod. In this review, you will find out everything about the Freemax Galex Nano vape.

Freemax Galex Nano

Find out the difference of vapor cigarette! Freemax Galex  is the most demanded pod in the market because of its attractive design, build quality, and incredible performance. 

An LED light indicator system is installed in this pod; if you do not like lights, you can quickly turn them off.

Galex Nano allows you to choose your draw thanks to its three wattage modes; each coil has a good range of wattage levels. 

If you don’t like strong draw, then you have the option to switch to a lower range by adjusting the draw to the lowest wattage. Either way, you will get a satisfying experience.

Pros & Cons

After having Freemax Galex Nano you will get multiple benefits that you actually needed in your vape device. Some of them are;


  • Galex Nano is easy to carry because it is lightweight with an excellent build quality.
  • Pod can be refilled very easily and overall this vape device is easy to use.
  • There are two coils included with the replacement option
  • Fast charging option will charge your vape at a rapid speed.
  • LED light indicator is best for indicating the battery level.


  • One of its major drawback is that it doesn’t consist of the lanyard.
  • The battery could be even better in performance.


Freemax Galex Nano, body is covered with a metal plate. It also possesses a plastic top part that contains holes for adding an optional lanyard. The chipset has a clear window above it and using the LEDs, you can see through the window.

However, if you do not like light, you always have the option to turn them off. There is a small rectangle button on the side; its function will be discussed later in this review.

Along with its remarkable design, there is five color option, and you can have your desired color. Generally speaking, it is a very simple vape device with great features and adjustability

Brand Quality

When we talk about brand quality, then Freemax always satisfies its users. The body of this pod system is made with zinc alloy, and its weight is only 88g.

This a lightweight device with an industrial feels because of its ruggedly solid body. It has no hard edges and has a single control button for all features.

Pod and Coils

Talking about the pod and coils, there are two coils found in this device. The resistance level is 1 ohm and 0.8 ohms. You can test both pods with 50/50 20-24 mg salt nic juices and get a great MTL vape that is not too tight neither very loose.

The pod of the Galex Nano is magnetic, as it comes in and out very quickly. Moreover, filling the pod is relatively easy; it’s not tightly fixed, but the magnet holds it well, so there is no wiggle.


Freemax Galex Nano has amazed its users with a remarkable performance. The body of this vape kit is made with zinc alloy that makes it durable.

Thus, gone are days, when you need to carry heavy vape kits, as Galex Nano is lightweight, that has made it easy for you to carry it anywhere.

Moreover, its 800mAh battery has enhanced its performance because of this you can get a lot of vapors throughout the day.

Battery life

Usually, vape devices have lower battery life. But Freemax Galex Nano comes with a fantastic internal battery of 800mAh.

This device’s charging port is Type-C, which is on the bottom of the device, so you don’t have to lay down the device for charging.


There are many vape kits available in the market, as vape in Pakistan is very common, but the Galex Nano is designed with beginners in mind. The function button has some great features to offer. Some of the basic operations are mentioned below. 

  • If you press the button once, you will see the battery level.
  • Pressing the button twice will change the LED color, breathing distinct colors that change, turn off, or solid rainbow.
  • If you want to change the power level, press the button thrice; red indicates low power, blue is medium, and green is high.
  • To turn the device on and off, you need five clicks on the button.


What’s inside the box of the Freemax Galex Nano pod system is just given below;

  • One x Galex Nano kit
  • One x GX mesh coil 0.8 ohm
  • One x GX mesh coil 1.0 ohm
  • One x User manual
  • One x USB Type-C cable

Buy Freemax Galex Nano Now!

Do you like to enjoy different vape flavors to the fullest? If you are looking for an excellent pod system, then Freemax Galex Nano is your need.

It is a very compact, lightweight, and easily adjustable device that will never disappoint your vaping experience.

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