Uwell Crown M

Uwell Crown M Review

If you’re into vaping, you must have heard of a trendy brand, Uwell; it is known for its high-quality yet innovative vape devices.

Short of the company, this Shenzhen-based brand was created in 2015; the proprietors’ masterpieces include:

Today, I am here reviewing the top-of-line Crown M, which is one of the finest vape devices one can have, especially if you’re a pro vaper like me.

Is Uwell Crown M Pod Mod Worth it?

Crown M Pod Mod s an electronic cigarette with a battery capacity of around 1000mAh and a power range between 5 to 35W. This vaping device possesses a cartridge of 4mL that can be filled with your favorite e-liquid.

Further, there is a meshed-H coil that has a resistance of 0.8 to 0.4Ω. The vapor production is also great because of its twin-coil design. There are 4 colors available – Blue, Brown, Grey, and Orange.

Some of the unique features of Crown M are listed below:

Top Refilling Pod & Caliburn-G Meshed Coil

Crown M Pod Mod is best known for its vapor production, and this is because of its meshed coil. Moreover, there is a top refilling pod and vape kits with meshed coils are easy to handle.

Transparent Pod for Better Visibility

This refillable pod is built with a transparent material that will help you see through it. However, the consumers check the transparent materials e-liquid from any angle.

Type-C Fast Charging

One of the most remarkable features of this device is its type-C fast charging cable that will charge your vape devices to 90% in 30 minutes. Because of this feature, this device is time-saving and convenient, too.

H3: Pros & Cons | Uwell Crown M

As Crown M Pod Mod is an electronic device, there are some pros and cons of this device.

The Pros

  • Dense vapor production, crazy flavor, and coil pod longevity.
  • Reliable MTL vaping.
  • Sturdy frame.

The Cons

  • Battery life is less.
  • Old-school design of the product.


This product’s design is created in a way that you can control the vape flavors and this happens because of its unique flavor control technology. There is an adjustment valve, too – to control the airflow.

Further, you will also find a scroll wheel on the top of the device for adjusting the output wattage.

Brand Quality

Now we can talk about the quality of Uwell Crown M Pod Mod as the appearance of this device is very eye-catching. You will have the option of four colors to choose from, all are equally elegant, durable, and classic.

The device’s shell is decorated with a cross pattern, and translucent material is used to see the built-in circuit board. 

Pod and Coils

In this device, there is a TWIN-COIL feature used that makes this device unique. However, it is a single coil, but it is composed of two different and independently controlled parts.

Thus, this device will provide you with two output modes with its unique coil. In the working mode of the coil for DTL, the resistance provided is 0.4 Ω, the cloud formation is thicker, and a richer taste is provided.

However, for MTL working mode, the resistance is 0.8 Ω, and a clearer taste is provided.  


The performance of this device is remarkable as it can hold up to 4ml of e-liquid or nicotine salts. Crown M Pod Mod uses the dual resistance coil to provide the feature of MTL and DTL vaping by changing the output power.

An intelligent chipset is installed to detect the coil’s resistance for delivering the appropriate wattage.

Battery life

Crown M Pod Mod comes with an internal 100mAh battery; the device can provide a lot of vapors throughout the day.

However, the charging period of this device is about 45 minutes, and it is just because of its USB Type-C charging cable.


The controls of this device are so easy to understand as there is a wheel for the adjustment of the power and also for choosing the mode.

On the outer case, you will also find an adjustment valve that will help to change the airflow without the need to take off the pod. These controls make this device quite exciting and easy to use.


When you unbox this device, you will be amazed to see so many important things inside the box. This device comes with the following:

  • One × CROWN M Empty Cartridge
  • One × Meshed-H 0.8 Ω / 0.4 Ω CROWN M Twin-coil (Pre-installed)
  • One × Meshed-H 0.6 Ω CROWN M Coil (Spare
  • One × User Manual
  • One × Type-C Charging Cable

Buy Crown M Pod Now!

Uwell Crown M Pod Mod, this device has all the fantastic features you need in your vaping device.

Save your time and buy the most demanding vape, Crown M Pod Mod, NOW.

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