Top 7 SMOK Vape Kits You Can Buy in 2023

Top 7 SMOK Vape Kits You Can Buy in 2023

One of the most trending yet EXCLUSIVE vape brands is SMOKTECH.

All the SMOK vape kits – Nord 4, IPX 80, the Nord series, RPMs, Solus, Morph, G-Prive, Novo range, V2kits, TFV8, TFV4, ACRO, Nfix, Fetch mini, SLM, Mico, and many others, are way beyond just being great. This vape pioneer offers cloud-chasing mods, pods, vape kits, discreet pen-style vapes, disposables, and whatnot!

SMOK is also popular for its high-quality vape coils, replacement glasses, and cartridges.

Best SMOK Vape Kits 2023

If you’re planning to invest in any good-looking yet high-performing vape, then this guide is just for you; after reading this, you will fall in love with SMOK. To make your life easier, I am reviewing some of the best, top-rated SMOK vape kits of 2023.

These vape kits are for people who want to enjoy long-term vaping sessions.

#1. SMOK IPX 80 Pod Kit

Our very first vape device in the list is SMOK IPX 80 pod kit; it is named IPX 80 because of two features -IPX67 protection and the 80W output.

Its specification is not over, there is a lot more in this device.

SMOK IPX 80 comes with a 3000mAh battery, and it is enough to give you a smooth vaping experience the whole time.

Talking about its design, this device possesses a transparent cartridge along with a side filing system.

Smok IPX 80 kit features an adjustable airflow control option, and this pod has an air inlet ring on both sides, enabling you to get your desired throat hit. 

It is a sturdy device, made out of splicing silicone and leather material. Some adjustments of this device are exhibited in its digital 0.96-inch display.  

Top Features

  • Two unique coils for DTL and MTL vaping.
  • DTL coil provides great vapor production.
  • The build quality of this device is strong, rugged, and durable.
  • Pocket-friendly and lightweight device.
  • There is a large and clear 0.96-inch TFT display.

Note to vapers: This device is good for both, DTL and MTL vaping.

#2. SMOK NORD 4 Pod System

SMOK NORD 4 will never disappoint you, thanks to its exciting features, especially the ones that were not available in Nord 3.

Talking about the performance of this device, you will get 80W max output; this is because of its remarkable battery power.

Its long-lasting 2000mAh internal battery lets you enjoy vaping with immersing clouds and a very satisfying taste.

This device is designed in a way that fulfills the needs of a vaper. It has two pods with a capacity of 4.5ml. There is an RPM mesh coil for one pod and RPM 2 mesh coil for the other one.

You can make adjustments to the air intake with the help of two air-inlet rings designed on the top of this device. There is 1.4A fast charging option to provide you with continuous vapors.

Thus, buy your SMOK NORD 4, and take pleasure in dense clouds and delicious flavors.

Top Features

  • It is a well-built, solid device.
  • The performance of the coil is remarkable.
  • Power adjustment is simple to use.
  • Battery life is long-lasting.

#3. SMOK NORD 5 Starter Kit

For vape enthusiasts, the most creative vaping kit by SMOK is NORD 5; the design of this device is created innovatively yet beginner-friendly, too.

This top-notch vaping kit has a strong 2000mAh battery that can easily last for days.

This device is a specially-featured smart coil that is designed with anti-leakage technology, so that you carry your vape anytime, anywhere, without worrying about messy leakages and related nuisances.

The performance of this device is incredible with the airflow adjustment option – to vape in a way that you enjoy the most!

The output power of this device is 80W – to suit your versatile vaping experience.  

So, get your hands on your favorite SMOK NORD 5 starter kit now!

Top Features

  • High-quality device with remarkable design.
  • Extended coil life.
  • Great vapor production.
  • Comfortable yet handy.

#4. SMOK NOVO 3 Pod System Kit

After NOVO 2, SMOK has come up with one more latest edition that is NOVO 3.

This successor of NOVO2 is similar to the NOVO series and has amazing features, too. This device has a standard pod size of 2ml. 

The NOVO 3 has an internal battery of 800mAh and its output power is 6-25W. There is an upgraded draw activation mechanism. 

The mouthpiece has been updated with air-intake grooves on both sides. This upgradation is made to offer improved flavors; equipped with the ultra-designed sensing element – to make every puff enjoyable. It is built with sturdy material to provide long-lasting usability.

Similar to the previous models, this device is compatible with both free-base and nic salt e-juices. So pick your favorite flavor and enjoy vaping!

Top Features

  • Anti-leakage technology.
  • Great MTL draw.
  • Battery performance is good.
  • Extended pod life.
  • Compatible with NOVO and NOVO 2 pod.

#5. SMOK RPM 25W Kit

When talking about NEXT-LEVEL vaping kits… SMOK RPM 25W Kit comes to mind.

This is the latest technology pod that is built in high quality, made out of Zinc alloy – to protect the device from falls and damage.

RPM 25W kit has an integrated battery of 900mAh that can provide you an output of 25W for enjoying vaping all day long.

There is a 2ml pod capacity that can be refilled easily from the bottom with your favorite vape flavors.

This Kit comes with an 0.69 OLED screen for displaying all of the needed information, just to improve your vaping experience.

This device comes with a draw-activated mechanism which means you just fill the tank and start taking smooth drags. You can enjoy MTL vaping as well as DTL vaping because of its adjusted air-flow mechanism.  

SMOK RPM performance is outstanding because of its LP1 turbo mesh coil, so you can enjoy great cloud production as well as fantastic flavors.

Top Features

  • Comes with an advanced anti-leak mechanism.
  • Mouthpiece is comfortable.
  • Good MTL performance.
  • Self-locking mechanism
  • Auto draw.
  • Lightweight and pocket friendly.

#6. SMOK RPM 4 Pod Kit

Currently, SMOK RPM 4 emerges as the most sophisticated, stylish, and portable vaping device.

There is a 1650mAh integrated battery that provides an output of 60W. The sufficient power of this device is created for better performance and stronger puffs.

A duck-billed mouthpiece is added to its design to provide great taste in each puff.

There are 2 replaceable meshed coils along the airflow adjustment option. RDM 4 provides an option to change tastes just by dragging the slider, as the tastes can be changed between RDL and DL. 

Top Features

  • Build quality is excellent.
  • Easy to use device.
  • Instant firing mechanism.

#7. SMOK RPM 5 Pro Starter Kit

SMOK RPM 5 Pro starter kit has brought vaping to another level. This starter kit will excite you with its crazy design, built to be highly portable and durable.

RPM 5 kit possesses a 6.5ml capacity pod along with RPM 3 meshed coils; RPM 5 can deliver an outstanding DL vaping experience.   

Talking about the performance of this device, it can deliver a maximum output of 80W. This device comes with an external battery of 18650mAh.

RPM 5 Pro Starter Kit will make you enjoy vaping for a long time because of its strong battery. As well as you will get all that you need on its intuitive 0.96 inches TFT display.

Furthermore, there is an option for adjusting the airflow.

Top Features

  • The build quality of this device is remarkable.
  • Latest technology applied on airflow adjustment.
  • Large size screen along with a clear display.

What’s your Favorite Vape Device by SMOK

Share your preference in the comment section below.

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