Wotofo Manik Mini Kit Review

If you are a vaper like me, you must have your vaping device in your hand or somewhere in your easy and immediate access. For me, vape is like my water bottle, that I keep with me all the time, and on vacations, I keep an alternative vape, too.

Yes, I am very particular about my vaping devices and accessories!

Well, for travelling, I prefer SMALL-sized vape pens, so that it can easily slid in my heavy backpack and do not cause trouble if kept in pants pocket.

So, this time, I am sharing my hands-on experience about a vaping kit, which is small only in size.

I am talking about Manik Mini by Wotofo!

Wotofo is a famous vape brand known for its unique and extraordinary products.

Let’s quickly review this little bomb for beginners and pro vapers alike!

Is Wotofo Manik Mini Kit Worth It?

The first thing I observe for any pod is its outlook and specs. However, the Wotofo Manik pod is an impressive kit wrapped in a handy-sized body!

In this pod, you will get a 1000mah battery; the pod capacity is 3ml, and the maximum output wattage is 30W.

You will get all this in a 92 x 28 x 16mm frame!

Comparatively speaking, Wotofo Manik pod is larger than a cigarette lighter and twice the wide…it is the best pod for SNEAKY vaping!

Wotofo Manik Mini | Pros & Cons


  • Long-lasting flavor.
  • Solid design.
  • Auto-draw mechanism.
  • Great for MTL vaping.
  • Comfortable mouthpiece.


  • Slow charging

Wotofo Manik Mini | Design

The mini pod follows an ergonomic design, and comfortable yet solid outlook – to offer utmost comfort, even for longer handling.

There is a leather panel on the outer part of the kit. However, the leather is soft for holding; it also acts as a cushion for the pod’s internal components.

The most beautiful thing about this pod is its well-made structure. The combination of zinc alloy and leather is what makes this device DURABLE!

The build quality of this device is remarkable. Also, this is a very lightweight and portable device that can be carried anywhere.

The rest of the kit’s components built with solid material, including the side-OLED.

Pod and Coils

In this futuristic kit, you will get two pods. Both pods are in the one unit, so replacing the coils is not possible.

PCTG is used to make these pods; thus, there are no chances of leaking of e-liquids, and PTCG is also shockproof. The mouthpiece of this device is duckbill shape, which is quite comfortable to vape.

The two provided pods are; 

  • M11 Parallel Coil 0.6Ω 18-22W: This is a high-wattage coil that is built for DTL vaping. This coil performs best at 19-2W output.
  • M12 nexMESH Coil 0.6Ω 15-18W: This coil is made for MTL vaping as it provides tighter airflow and works on lower wattage. You will enjoy your mouth pulls without feeling a lot of airflows. I enjoyed the performance of this coil at an output of 16W.

Wotofo Manik | Performance

The performance of this device has won my heart. I began vaping at 15W, and the flavor was surprisingly unique!

Although the mouthpiece looks quite big, I found it very comfortable and best for MTL vaping. The airflow is tight and smooth, and you will get a satisfying MT auto draw. 

Wotofo Manik | Battery life

You will get a built-in 1000mah battery; the battery’s performance is good for such a small pod.

Thanks to its powerful battery, you will get an output of 22W. You will find a USB-port on the bottom side for charging the kit.

Wotofo Manik | Unboxing

  • Manik Mini pod system
  • M11 parallel coil replacement pod
  • M12 NexM coil replacement pod
  • User manual
  • Charging cable

Buy Wotofo Manik Mini Kit Now

Planning for vacation or looking for a portable mini yet good-performing pod? Order online pods or visit nearby vape shop and enjoy the amazing features of Wotofo Manik Mini Pod.

Let us know about your experience with this handy kit.

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