Nasty E-Liquids Review

When it comes to e-liquids, I always say, TRY, TRY, TRY; only then you can decide the real taste and real feeling of the e-juice you want to go with.

One of the most renowned e-juices in the vape industry is NASTY… do not go for its literal meaning!

The manufacturer of Nasty e-liquids is from Malaysia and well-popular among vapors globally, thanks to its unique and flavorsome e-juices. The company never compromises on its quality; they are packed in an opaque bottle with a dropper.

The e-liquid bottles provided by Nasty are leakproof and childproof. However, this company’s flavors are so unique that once you taste them, you will ask them repeatedly.

Nasty E-Liquids – A Delicious E-Liquid Addition

I have tried some of their best flavored vape juice…  let me share the experience of my vaping buds!

Free-Base E-Liquids | Nasty E-Liquids

Nasty e-liquids are available in free base e-juices.

Just like the brands’ positioning and philosophy, the crazy flavors by Nasty follow unique blends. These e-liquids are available in a nicotine strength of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Berry Series

If you want to try out some berry-flavored e-liquids, then the Nasty Berry series is a must-try!

  • Broski berry: This e-liquid from Nasty combines sweet and sour notes. A great combo of intense blueberry, sweet cherry, and some juicy raspberry to make a perfect summer blend.
  • Stargazing: Wanna try out the combo of sweet berries with some minty taste? Then stargazing is a combo you should give it a try.

High Mint Line

Do you desire to get some refreshing mint taste? You must try the Nasty High Mint Series!

  • Asap grape: Like the taste of grape? Let’s get a black grape flavor combined with a ripe berry to create a unique taste you will never get bored of!
  • Hippie trail: Need a flavor booster? Get this e-liquid ASAP! This e-juice combines lemon and lime to create a perfect citrus blend.
  • Slow blow: This e-liquid is made with the real pineapple and lemon soda – to make you feel fresh and charged throughout the day.

Cushman Series

The most popular Nasty juice series is its Cushman-flavoured options. These vape juices contain a base of Mango combined with other fruits.

  • Mango banana: Want to satisfy your sweet tooth? This is the sweetest e-liquid flavor with a blend of Mango and banana to make you enjoy sweet vaping!
  • Mango grape: This vape juice combines fresh grapes with taste-rich Mangos – to give you a booster throughout your vape sessions.
  • Mango Strawberry: It’s when juicy strawberries, combined with the chunky Mango, so that you can enjoy a flavor you have never tasted!

Tobacco Series

Nasty e-juices are available in flavors that are similar to the taste of tobacco, which means, switching to vapes would gets easier for you. Some of its tobacco-rich vape juices are;

  • Bronze blend: Want to taste real tobacco in your vape? Try Bronze Blend by Nasty, which is the combination of creamy caramel, some hints of nuts, and the pure taste of tobacco.
  • Silver blend: Enjoy the taste of vanilla custard with the rich taste of tobacco and satisfy your tobacco rush.
  • Gold blend: This is also a tobacco-flavored e-liquid, but it is combined with a smooth blend of almonds to give you a rich vaping experience.

Other Free Base E-liquids

Some of the most basic vape salts provided by Nasty are;

  • Bad Blood: Bad Blood is the fruitiest flavor you have ever tasted. This flavor is a mixture of blackcurrant and cool mint leaves – to make you more refreshed and chill.
  • Devil teeth: Do you like the taste of honey? Then you should try this sweet and sour combo; you will get the summery feel with a mix of honeydew with some hints of sourness.
  • Fat boy: A great icy, green mango flavor with some addition of low mint flavor that will satisfy you throat hits.

Salt Nic E-Liquids | Nasty E-Liquids

Apart from free-base e-liquids, Nasty has provided its vapers with some most delicious salt-nic e-liquids, and these vape juices are available in 35mg and 50mg nicotine strength.

High Mint Salts

The mint Salt series contains some strong and mentholated flavors. Some of its popular ones are;

  • Cushman banana: Cushman Banana combines chunky mangoes and sweet bananas to create a taste that will blow your taste buds!
  • Cushman grape: This flavor combines fruity grapes with sweet mangoes to satisfy your vaping rush.
  • Passion killa: You want to try some sweet and tart tang together? Then you should try Passion Killa by Nasty.

Cushman Salts

Another sweet flavor series is the Cushman Salt series; some of the outstanding Nasty Salts are are;

  • Mango banana: If you like juicy mango mixed with sweet banana; you need to try out this flavor.
  • Mango grape: Less sweet grapes and some chunks of Mango – to make you repeatedly fall for this flavor.
  • Mango strawberry: Flavorful strawberries combo with some taste of fresh mangoes is want you will get in this e-liquid!

What’s your favorite Nasty e-liquid?

So, which one are your trying first? I would suggest go with its Cushman.

Comment below!

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