The flavor of the week: Vapetasia

E-cigarettes are less harmful than smoking, so why not quit smoking and start vaping, which is one of the best ways to enjoy nicotine with a dash of crazy vape flavors.

Believe me, when I was asked to try the vape, I was quite skeptical, but when I tried my friend’s disposable vape, I found that great!

I still remember, I bought my first device and vape juice based on a post’s comment that I asked for vapers’ recommendation. To be honest, I am still using the same e-juice by Vapetasia.

Here, I am with my experience with supreme flavors created by the company; the e-liquid proprietor is known for its supreme vape e-juices, satisfying vapers globally.

Best Vape Juice by Vapetasia

E-juices by Vapetasia are made from the finest quality ingredients – to keep liquids free from chemical and toxins and offer real taste.

Being one of the known e-juice brands, the company offers a wide range of free-base and salt nic e-liquids.

Are you excited to boost your taste buds with some great vape juice flavors?

Try vape juices by Vapetasia and settle your nicotine rush with three varying strengths – 3mg, 6mg and also 12mg.

Some of the amazing free base e-liquids are;

  • Blue Raz: This is a mint flavor, combining the craziest taste of blue-raspberry and a frosty mint – to blow your mind with coolness.
  • Killer Kustard: A perfect mix of vanilla and creamy custard – to make you reach harmony of sweet ride. If you like to try a sweeter flavor, then this e-flavor will definitely satisfy your cravings.
  • Royalty-ll: This flavor will give your taste buds a great taste of tobacco along with some sweet undertone. This vape juice contains a sweet hazelnut flavor; when you exhale you will taste the vanilla custard flavor.
  • Straw Guaw: Another unique combo of strawberry and guava. If you like to feel blended strawberries with a dash of guava in your vape then this flavor is a must try.

Vapetasia, has provided some great Salt nic e-liquids in strengths of 24mg and 48mg. Try out these exciting vape juices of Vapetasia.

  • Blue Raz: Do you like to taste blue-raspberries in your vape? Blue Raz will give you a boost of mint, added with your favorite blue-raspberries.
  • Blue Raz Ice: Some people only like cool menthol flavors in vaping. Combination of blue-raspberries with some icy touch, this will provide you that cooling effect.
  • Royalty-II: As the name says, Royalty-II is a royal vape flavor as it gives the touch of tobacco. In this flavor you will feel the flavor of sweet hazelnut and vanilla custard – to enhance the richness of tobacco.
  • Straw Guaw: Strawberry and guava, when combined together can give a very craziest vape flavor. Vapetasia has combined these two ingredients to create a unique straw-guaw flavor.
  • Straw Guaw Ice: Cooling affect added to any vape flavor can enhance its taste. Similarly, cool icy touch has been added to strawberry and guava mixture to provide you a cooling effect in this flavor.

What’s your favorite Vapetasia

Mine is Straw Guaw Ice and Killar Kustard… share your favaorite flavor in the comment section below.

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