RDTA vs RDA Tanks? Differences Explained

As a new vaper, you might have heard of different terminologies related to vapes, especially if you visit any vape shop you will be surprised to see related accessories.

If you are having difficulty understanding different vaping add-ons, then I am here to guide you about the two fundamental/commonly-used jargon of vaping.

First of all, you need to understand that vape tanks are the most essential part of any vaping mod. The word TANK consists of a threaded attachment that lets the device vaporize e-liquid. They are often of a size of 2ml or higher. They are either made of glass or plastic and without a tank vaping is impossible.

Talking the atomizer/ nebulizer, in particular, it’s a heating element that turns e-liquid into vapor. It contains three parts: the heating coil, a mesh bridge, and a wick.

Another terminology you will be exposed to in this walk-through is the coil, which helps the device create clouds and better flavors.

The two most popular atomizers used in vape mods are RDTA and RDA.

Sounds new to you… well, not anymore!

Let’s discuss the difference between RDA and RDTA now.


What is an RDA?

RDA stands for re-buildable Dripping Atomizer. RDA is totally different from RDTA as it does not have the capacity to hold e-liquid while RDTA (Re-buildable Dripping Tank Atomizer) possesses e-liquid holding space.

 Pod tanks of RDA possess a deck on which the coil needs to be mounted by the vaper.

There are nodes on the deck and the purpose of these nodes is to maintain the connection to the battery so that the power does not get interrupted. When the battery is started then it begins heating the coil, so fumes will be created through the e-juice.

RDAs do not have the capacity to carry the e-liquid and the juice is dripped onto the coils and wicks that permit the vapers to enjoy their vaping session.

Some of the RDAs are created in a way that they accumulate e-liquid onto the coil and wick and provide longer gaps between dripping. The max amount of e-liquid RDA tanks can hold is 1ml. 


  • Easy-to-use feature.
  • Better Flavors.
  • Denser clouds.
  • Coils customizability.
  • There are chances of leakage if over-filled.
  • Drip more often.

What is RDTA?

You would have heard the term RTA which means re-buildable Tank Atomizer but this atomizer also misses the Dripping feature.

Hence, the vaping industry is adapting new technology and RDTA atomizers are the newly launched atomizers. They are a combo of RDA and RTA.

RDTA stands for rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer, RDTA contains all the features of RDA and a capacity like RTA (Re-buildable Tank Atomizer).

RDTA possesses a deck just like an RDA and because of its storage feature, you can enjoy better cloud formation and flavorful vaping, it is the most sought-after tank used in a vape.

If you closely observe the features of RDTA, then you will find that it stores e-liquid in the tank hence it has a capacity just like an RTA but it also uses the deck for dripping the e-liquid on the wicking material, hence works like an RDA as well.


  • Capacity to hold e-liquid.
  • Denser clouds
  • Enhanced flavor.
  • Adjustable feature for the coils.


  • It is not compatible with all vape devices.
  • Beginners cannot use it as it requires experience and tact.

RDA VS RDTA, which is the BEST?

So, the basic difference between RDA and RDTA is the capacity to hold the e-liquid. RDTA can be called an advanced version of RDA and RTA vaping devices because it has features of both atomizers.

If you think you are a pro vaper then definitely you need to opt for RDTA but as a beginner, you might find it difficult to use RDTA atomizers.

How to maintain your RDA or RDTA Pod

So, still, thinking about how to maintain your pod?

Let me make it easy for you!

Consider these few points before for your RDA or RDTA pod.


  • You need to spend some time looking out for coil and wick materials. Ensure that you have selected the correct one for your RDA or RDTA atomizer.
  • If you are a sub-ohm vaper then it is suggested to build your own coil for your RDA or RDTA. This way you will be spending less money buying material and getting your desired vape performance compared to purchasing pre-built coil heads.
  • Look out for the size – the bigger the deck space the better the option, rather than trying to build on a compact space.
  • Lastly, check out the resistance of your coil to make sure it is safe and will not damage your atomizer. It is suggested to do it regularly when using your RDA or RDTA.

Make Your Own Decision!

Now, it is up to you to decide which atomizer you like to opt for your vaping.

If you want convenience, then you should buy an RDTA vape pod. However, beginners are suggested to use devices with the otherwise mechanism.

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