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Common Issues with SMOK Mods and Their Solutions

You will find all kinds of mods out there in the market but SMOK mods are one of hottest selling vape essentials. However, just like all other mods, SMOK mods are also prone to damage.

But don’t worry, we have got you covered. On this page, we will discuss all issues you could possibly face from the day you buy a SMOK mod. Even if you don’t own SMOK products, here we will be providing you with general information that could be useful irrespective of what product you use.

First of all, let’s talk about the hot-selling mods that are available in the market. SMOK Stick Prince (or the latter iteration SMOK Vape Pen V2 Kit) is one of a kind and it needs no introduction as it does what every prince does; levels up your vaping game. Other well-known SMOK mods that vapers love to have in their cabinet are SMOK Alien Baby 220 and its several other editions.

Unfortunately, like any other mod, these devices can also have problems. But good news is that we have gathered some of the ways you can get rid of all those problems without spending too much on the new devices.

Let’s say ‘no’ to burnt taste

You should replace your vape coils instantly once they start smelling like centuries old newspaper on fire. However, the burn taste isn’t something that only comes with time; sometimes, due to output and flow of current, the coils get too much heat and as a result, they start wearing off. Make sure you keep a close eye on your coils and tune the temperature accordingly. Moreover, you can also maintain your coils by priming them up. Your coils need to be saturated with your e liquid in such a way that both are mixed up properly. Don’t forget to take a puff for two before you vape. It is found to be an effective remedy for burnt taste.

Leakage from air holes

Another common problem that vapers usually face is how the taste of e liquid fades away and hence, the taste of coils become dominant. This usually happens when you have air holes in your device. Life becomes so much easier if you can just tighten up your device from the places where there is a chance of leakage.

Puff count

Talking about effective ways to solve the problem of ‘burnt taste’, it is important that you note the number of puffs you can take each day. For this purpose, few of SMOK’s devices like SMOK G-Priv 4 Kit allows you to take count of each puff. At the end, you can get a report on how many puffs you can take per day. With the help of these devices, you can easily get to know the maximum puffs that keep the original taste going.

No coil error

Moreover, if you have used SMOK products, you would definitely know about the “no coil” error. This error lets you that the coil isn’t attached so that you make sure it is, before it damages your mod. But how do you fix it? It’s pretty straightforward; remove the head of the tank and screw your coil a little tighter. Another way to fix a ‘no coil’ error would be to check your 510 connection if its established. By screwing your tank tighter

and cleaning the 510 connection, you can surely get rid of the problem.

Other errors

Apart from this common error, many other errors can appear on your device if you are using a SMOK mod. For instance, a warning not to abuse your device is another error that you might see. This is a pretty dangerous error so you would need to take it seriously. Using the device even after this error appears can have repercussions. However, you can avert these problems by using simple techniques like resetting your device. If the problem doesn’t disappear, you can check the resistance levels; if its RBA, the resistance would be 0.1. Also, you can get your firmware upgraded or tank replaced if need be.

Similarly, you could also get a message that notifies you about your device’s ohm levels. If you have a RBA, chances are that the ohms are either too low or too high. You can rectify this problem by first spotting where the issue lies. It is likely that your mod is damaged. If it’s not, try upgrading the firmware or contacting SMOK.

Black Screen error

Lastly, people often complain that their screen won’t turn on even if they the device is on. You can rectify this problem by checking if ‘stealth mode’ is on. If it’s on, you can turn it off. If the problem still persists, upgrade your firmware. For information regarding its upgrade, you can visit the website or directly contact SMOK for detailed explanation.

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