Vaping Helps Put Out Cigarette Litter

Does Vaping help quit smoking?

If you have been a cigarette user in past, it is likely that you know how dangerous the traditional cigarettes are. In this blog, we will also be discussing how vaping helps put out cigarette litter.

According to World Health Organisation, around 5 million people die every year due to smoking. Moreover, the second-hand smoke contains many harmful substances that are not only harmful for the human body but also for the environment.

Smoking not only damages your internal respiratory system but also pollutes the environment we breathe in. As a result, lives of others are put at risk. Moreover, the effects of smoking go far beyond humans and their lands; it even pollutes the marine life. But how is that possible? Well, the chemical compositions in the litter and the packaging of litter contain harmful substances that can compromise the lives of all kinds of fishes like Plankton and Coral Reefs.

According to the studies conducted by No Smoke, around 3 million cigarette buds were collected from the shores of sea which included the packaging as well. Also, the cost that is incurred to keep the land clean from litters is too much. In San Fransisco, 6 million annually is invested for the purpose of cleaning the roads and streets from litters.

Vaping helps put out litter

But how? When you vape, no harmful gases and toxic substances are blown in the air. In fact, the environment is quite vape-friendly. You won’t see most people complaining about vaping considering its sweet scent and the fact that it vapor doesn’t make you choke on it. People who vape have a better breath than people who smoke. Not only that, the environment that we live in is much safer with E cigarettes taking a place of cigarettes. Furthermore, e cigarettes do not have any residue unlike traditional cigarettes. You are more likely to get your device refilled than getting it disposed on the roadside. Even if you decide to dispose them, they are better than 40-50 cigarette litters.

If you are very conscious about environment, JUUL is the right kind of device for you. You can keep puffing a Juul for a very long time and you don’t need to worry about any litter. Some come with a disposable pods that last for about 100-200 puffs. However, it is recommended that you buy refillable box mods. These e cigarettes are quite litter-friendly not because they aren’t thrown away; like other devices their coil and atomizer might need a disposal. But it is more likely that one would throw it in the junkyard or in a trashcan rather than throwing it on the road

Lastly, after covering all the aspects and implications of both, we can’t say that e cigarettes don’t produce litter; but what we can say is, that litter of an e cigarette is way environment-friendlier than a traditional cigarette. In comparison with a cigarette litter, e cigarette devices have plastic bottles and chances are that they would be recycled for the welfare of our habitat which is another reason why you don’t need to worry much about its litter. Just make sure you throw it in a trash can, away from roads and public places.

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