How to Store E-Liquid

Components of E-liquids

Having been linked with the idea of reducing tobacco smokers from the planet, e-cigarettes have had their fair share of business in big markets including US, UK, Europe etc. to be able to have this thing where you don’t need to patch it to your arm to get the nicotine needed, or you don’t need gums, and have this cigarette-like device that is 95% less harmful than the real thing, is a big plus for the industry and that is the main reason the people shifted to vaping from smoking and the industrialists decided to switch to vaping profits.

Vape Mods are the new trend that has been popular among the youth specifically and more people are now adopting to use e-cigarettes. The working of these devices is different from smoking as it does not contain any harmful elements like tar or chemicals and so that is why it is better alternative compared to any other available out there. the components of the e-liquid that is used for vaping contain vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine and flavor. These things make up for total of the vaping experience as explained


VG is used as a diluting agent and to make the liquid thick (viscous). VG contains soy, coconut oil and palm  which is odorless as well as colorless. This element makes the e-liquid sweet. The more the ratio of VG in the e-liquid, the denser and bigger clouds it will produce.


PG is also used as a diluent which is more of a thing that people who are chain smokers need for that throat hit. When they switch from smoking to vaping, they are used to have that habitual thing where they must have that sensation of smoking and this element provides that hit. The e-liquids that have more PG are more popular among the smokers for this reason and who have switched to vaping.

E-liquids have high amount of PG produce less clouds and are not big relatively to VG. The FDA has labeled the PG as safe to consume but some people might be sensitive to it.


The flavors that are used in the e-liquid are there for the entire experience to be super cool and better with them, and the industry is extremely sufficient in working up newer flavors ranging from tobacco to candies. That is why it is one of the most important elements available.


Nicotine has a similar affect as that of caffeine. Besides, the nicotine level in the vape can be controlled and also you can choose not to vape nicotine.

VG & PG Base

In the market there are two types of bases available, VG and PG. Some people prefer to use VG if they like to have better and denser clouds whereas if you like to have better throat hit, PG is the way to go.


The vape juices do expire as they are more made up of  ingredients that are natural and contain consumable items. The expiration date varies from product to product and brand to brand. The expiration date of most e-liquids is 1 to 2 years and the three main components have nicotine, VG and PG which can expire in around 2 years.

These components make up for the best experience of vaping one can have and that is why it is something of a miracle for those who have been constantly trying to quit and have failed time and again. These components are a tool of constant reminder that it is safer to consume than tobacco cigarettes and are just a tad bit more alright compared to different other outlets present out there.

Main differences between E-Cigarettes and vaporizers
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