5 Essential Tips for Storing Your E-Liquid Properly

There is no doubt about the fact that vaping is 95 percent healthier than smoking harmful cigarettes, claimed by NHS in one report. So, if you are switching from smoking to vaping, you should be mindful of few things.

We often come across an e-liquid that smells pungent, if you look at its expiry date, you would notice that it has already been expired. However, some E-juices rot when they are not stored in a safe place.

But how do we avoid E-liquids from getting rotten?

Every product comes with instructions on how to use it and cautions regarding the safety of those products, vaping is no different. We have gathered up some of the most effective ways to store your e-liquids safely. Let’s check those out!

Keep it far away from Heat
When you are a vapor, heat is your enemy- what it does is, make your e-liquid go bad while deteriorating its chemical combinations. Also, your e-liquid can vaporize itself when it is exposed to excess heat. So, best way to extend the life of your e-juice would be to keep it away from the sun and hot places. It is recommended that cool places should be chosen for their storage as it can save the E-liquid from any kind of damage.

Steer clear of air and light
Even when humans are exposed to too much light, the UV rays that are emitted may cause serious skin damage. Similarly, when e-liquids are exposed to light, the UV rays speed up the oxidation process. Hence, it keeps stripping away nicotine from the bottle and slowly, the taste is affected as well. Experts advise that your e-liquids should be given optimum temperature that is suitable for its life.

Refrigerate and change the fate!

If you are conscious about saving your precious e-liquid bottles, you can refrigerate them for longer periods of time without sweating. But how can it prevent the e-juice from rotting? Good question! It definitely prevents bacteria from entering the liquid as it doesn’t reach to very cold temperatures.
Moreover, if you want to store up your e-juice for a very long time, you can also put your vape juice in the freezer.

Keep it away from Kids and Pets

If you live in a household where kids are roaming and pets are playing along, chances are that you will have to keep your eye open in case they discover your e-liquid bottles. You really don’t want your pet to fetch your e-liquid bottle.

Yes, it is true that the bottles are capped with child proof caps but one shouldn’t be too sure about that. Children are full of curiosities; they may be able to unfold the mysteries if they end up with an e-liquid bottle in their hands. So, let’s be on the safe side and keep it away from the reach of children.

Keeping it in room temperature

If you don’t want to refrigerate your e-liquids, you can also opt to place it in the cupboard. The reason why some people would prefer that are pretty simple. Apart from the fact that heat doesn’t reach there, the temperate is optimal and the place is dark, which is all you need when it comes to storage.

Note: If you decide to go with this step, make sure the bottles are capped properly.

Choose the right bottles for the e-liquid

If you choose to store your e-juices for a long period, you will have to think about storing it in a solid container. The best recommendation would be to use glass tinted bottles/containers for the storage. The reason being is, they do not let light and UV rays pass in. It has also been seen that using glass tinted containers can increase its life expectancy for up to 2 years.

All in all, if you follow all these tips, you will definitely get the desired results.

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