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JUUL in Pakistan Guide

JUUL is a much sleek and contemporary alternative to vaping products and is used largely by people trying to switch & quit smoking, as well as by those trying to quit vaping. JUUL is a shiny, palm-sized, sleek device, that uses a cartridge and is more modern and fun. JUUL is free from tobacco or other harmful chemicals but is high in nicotine

  • Pakistan and JUUL

JUUL products available in Pakistan include a vibrant range of products. JUUL kit contains a charger without JUUL pods that are suitable for light smokers. And it has a 380 MAH battery that lasts a day with light smoking.

Other convenient JUUL starter kits are also available in Pakistan that come with pods. These kits are suitable for current smokers and vaping addicts. The right flavor, consistency, power, and nicotine strength are a few characteristics that make this product viable for vaping lovers.

  • What is JUUL

People of younger age slot fancy JUUL in particular. The sleek design is a huge incentive that adds to the value, plus a bigger dose of nicotine has made JUUL much more popular. It has gained popularity in a short span of time which is unparalleled. The variety of JUUL kits available in Pakistan is overwhelming and provides for a satisfying vaping experience.

Altria, the manufacturer of Marlboro, has acquired 35 % share of JUUL Labs for $12.8 Billion

Only three years down the introduction, this product has become a phenomenon gaining a linguistic status that is generally reserved only for big tech giants like Google.

  • A new Fad

When using the product, it is neither smoking nor vaping, but rather it is called JUULing! And what makes it even more interesting is that it has been done without too much marketing or a lavish promotion budget. Instead, a well-targeted social media campaign has played major part.

While it is all hype around the globe, JUUL or even vaping is relatively a quieter niche in terms of media upheaval regarding the new entrant in the market and what is it doing by manufacturing a whole new generation addicted to nicotine.

While cigarette smoking is not largely acceptable in Pakistan, vaping and then JUULing is considered relatively harmless and more acceptable than traditional smoking. This makes the younger generation a more suitable target both for vaping and JUULing as well as for the scapegoat gesture as opposed to using traditional smoking.

  • Convenient and cool

The discreet size, no-frills and a better dosage of nicotine with very little harshness are some of the attributes that make JUUL a product to be recognized with the likes of popular ones. JUUL not only has a lot of praise in the vaping world but also has a manner to it that says; it is perhaps technologically most sound vaping device or e-cigarette out there. The company is not only engaged in the process of producing well-established vaping devices, but a huge chunk of shares have been acquired by Altria in the past month.

In Pakistan, the Artisan Vapor Company is one stop for all your JUUL needs, which provides the best products and flavors and can fix you up with the latest techniques that can alter the course of your vaping. This is one of the reasons why Pakistan is among the many countries adapting to vaping trends that are not only helping people quit smoking, but is a fad for the young.

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