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Vaping… a not-so-new trend is taking root in the sub-culture of Pakistan. Initially, vapes were used to attract bourgeois and upper-class youth. However, the dynamics have changed and the trend has started to be adopted among all age groups. 

We can witness the growing demand for vapes in Pakistan with the increasing number of vape shops in the country. Thanks to increasing vape producers and dealers for bringing the best quality vapes and accessories to the country.  

Artisan Vapor Company… A one-for-all Vape Shop in Pakistan

Artisan Vapor Company is the distributor and supplier of world-class vape devices and disposables in Pakistan. With the largest vape shop network in Pakistan, we currently have 24 locations across the country. 

As you all know, we deal with e-liquids (freebase and salt-nic); hardware (kits, mods, pod systems, and tanks); disposables; and accessories (batteries, chargers, pods, coils, and replaceable glasses).

*Bonus Tip: Under all the areas listed, there are sneak peeks of our most-demanded vapes and accessories… don’t forget to have a look!

Artisan Vape Shops in Pakistan

Regionally speaking, we have 3 vape shops in Karachi, 8 in Lahore, 4 in Islamabad, and one in different cities of Pakistan. If you can’t find any Artisan Vapor store in your locality, visit our online vape store in Pakistan. 

And for your convenience, all the addresses of respective Artisan Vapor Stores; or simply write ‘vape shops near me’ in the search bar and get to know the nearby Artisan store near you. 

If you’re a selective vaper, come and taste our Smok G-Prive 4 Kit. It is a new arrival with immense endurance. It is equipped with a battery of 18650 with an ideal vape juice capacity of 6.5 ml.

The price range starts from Rs. 18,000 onwards.

If you love disposable kits, do check the one by BMOR, our most-favorite one is Selva disposable kit. The price range is between Rs.1600 – 2200. Other notable brands that we work with are; Beard, Airis Puff, and many more. 


You can choose any flavor like lemon Rush, Coke Ice, Fantasy Jungle, and menthol with 2000 puffs. This disposable has 5% nicotine strength.

If the coil of your vape is burning the pod flavors, we provide you with the new Wismic RX GEN3 WM Replacement Coils.


It has catchy large-factor coils intended to compete with the industry. It has a minimum price of Rs. 400. 

Confused about whether to change the coil of your Melo 2 Tank or replace the whole tank, we would prefer to go for changing the coil head. The Eleaf EC TC N Coil Head Ni is constructed with stainless steel, and the gold-plated pins at the bottom offer the utmost conductivity.


In this head, a temp control Ni-200 heating wire is used – to deal with 60W of power and 0.15 resistance. Its 100% organic cotton wick will deliver a rich e-liquid taste.

For all those who want to raise the bar of their disposable vaping, we have a compact, light, and easy-to-carry disposable by Puff Bar. Being the hottest items out in the vape market, disposables by Puff Bar require no maintenance, charging, or refilling.


These disposables come in dual nicotine strengths – 2%(20MG) and 5% (50MG), in a wide variety of delicious flavors. 

To charge your cylindrical rechargeable batteries, we have Nitecore Digicharger D4, which is a global smart charger and the most compatible; with this one charge, which may cost you Rs. 6500, the need for owning several chargers will be over.


This D4 is capable of charging four batteries at a time. If you own Ni-MH, Li-ion, and Ni-Cd batteries, you don’t need to manually operate this, but if you have LiFePO4 batteries, you have to select them manually.

Faisalabad is always known for trying new things; in the city, Geek Vape Aegis T200 Kit is one of the most-running items; this new-generation kit is powered by dual 18650 batteries and other power outputs of 200W. The build of this device is sturdy and has an IP68 rating.


Enjoy the best MTL vaping experience with its top-to-bottom airflow system-enabled kit. 

Having a large network of vape shops in Lahore means the demand for vapes and accessories. One of the most-popular disposable is Air Bar Lux Disposable which will cost you only Rs. 1600. go vaping.

With this disposable, you can have 2.7ml of salt-based e-liquid and can enjoy up to 1000 puffs. So say goodbye to messy refills and expensive maintenance, get this one, and dispose of it once finished.

For having the best custom-made vapes, we recommend GOON Bridge-Clamp RDA by 528 Customs. Being an awe-inspiring, two-post designed reinvention, these vapes follow the “Bridge Clamp” platform for better configurations possibilities and maintain secure leads and carry current.


It offers a 24mm diameter coupled with a dual triple air slot setting.

One of the uniquely-created free base e-liquid is Krato 60W. It has a variety of flavors like Freemax, Finest, and many more with fruity flavors. The Kratos 60W is a new device from Vaportech that is equip with temperature control technology.


This solid device is built with Aluminum and Zinc.

If you want to try some premium e-liquids, try Ripe Vape. In each puff, all the juices by Ripe vape are made from the finest quality ingredients and have a refreshing taste. These are taste-friendly flavors that are famous among both beginners and pro vapers.

You are willing to vape. It has a variety of vape flavors, including Taylor, Tokoyo, and many other fruity flavors. These come in varying degrees of nicotine… 24mg and 48mg.

Our free base liquids are those created by the best brand. One of the best e-liquids is BLVK Unicorn e-liquids. This free base e-liquid comes in several flavors, like Cloud Nurdz, Custard Monster, and some others.

These fruity vape flavours are available in 80% to 20% VG to PG and varying nicotine strengths and bottle sizes.

If you’re planning to invest in any mod, we would recommend you go with a SnowWolf 218W mod. It is high in performance and loaded with three high-drain 18650 batteries, enabling the mod to fire up to a maximum of 218W.


It comes in a number of colors like Army Green, Blue, and others with varying nicotine strengths, bottle sizes, and VG-PG. 

We are located at your nearby location. On customers’ demand, we have restocked Vapetasia 100 ML. Freebase e-liquid. It has a large number of flavors, like Eleaf, Custard Monster, Elf Bar, and many more; all the fruity flavors are free from nicotine.


We have a large number of original- e-liquids. 

In Lahore, one of the most-running Mods is Innokin InnoCell Disrupter Kit. It is the latest advanced high-power and one of the most powerful vaporizers. The kit is powered by Innokin’s revolutionary InnokinCell Vaping Power System LiPo replaceable battery technology.

Being one of the famous, innovative, and versatile vape devices by InnokinCell, this disrupter kit is quite affordable; the price is 6,500. 

If you are a pro vaper and want to try something extraordinary, go with a 168W Freemax Maxus Max Pro. It is available in two fancy colors; this innovative kit uses advanced technology and is equipped with the latest FM COILTECH5.0/Double D Mesh coil technology.


With better heating speed and improved flavor delivery. The price of this device is Rs. 14,500. 

Can’t get the most with your vaping device? It’s high time to invest in high-performing batteries, and there’s no better name for batteries than IMREN. Go to the Artisan Vapor store and get IMREN 21700 4800mAh battery now.


It is a complete battery in several aspects, designed to provide a boosting, longing, and hard-hitting vaping experience. These cells are slightly larger than 18650 batteries and smaller than 26650 batteries.

If you haven’t tried Artisan Classic Line E-liquids, then you’re missing out on the real vape flavors. These are carefully curated with the finest ingredients and deep and refreshing notes; they are produced in the US. You can enjoy these vape flavors in the nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 16mg, and 24mg in a large number of impeccable flavor ranges.

Do check them now!

With BMOR Selva disposable kit, you can have a vape juice capacity of 5.5ml and equip with a robust 1100mAh battery that will last longer, around 20 days. These flavorsome disposables kit features a push-and-release function and is filled with up to 50mg of nicotine.

These are available in many juicy vape flavours and offer puffs up to 2000.

In Karachi, the most-demanded salt-nic e-liquids are by Naked 100; all the vape flavours offer a clean and flavorful punch in each puff; the best thing is that they are not overly sweet or complicated.

They have unparalleled flavor, taste, and quality, which makes them the best among vapers. The best ones are, Amazing Mango, Berry, Cuban Blend, Arctic Air, Green Blast, Hawaiian Pog, Euro Gold, Lava Flow, Really Berry, Strawberry Pom, and Polar Breeze.

One of the most compact and pre-filled vape devices is Elf Bar Disposable Kit 1500 Puff which comes with a 4.8ml of 5% Nic-Salt vape juice and a built-in 850mAh battery.

This lightweight and durable device lasts up to 600 puffs. This on-the-go device does not require any refilling and re-charging.

#22. Artisan Vaper Bahawalpur | Shadi Hall

One of our best-selling and small portable all-in-one e-cigarette kits is Skol Pod System, which follows a durable design and an ultra-portable closed pod system that makes the device slim, classy, and lightweight; they are shorter than its competition.


This kit doesn’t include any pre-filled pods, with a built-in battery that offers 200 puffs per charge.


One of the best yet premium freebase vape juices is from VGOD E-liquid; their blend is made in California, and that’s the reason why they are known for the dynamic rich vape flavors. These are available in the nicotine strength of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.

Its dynamic flavor range includes Apple Bomb, Cubano, Cubano Black, Berry Bomb, Iced Apple Bomb, Cubano Silver, Iced Mango Bomb, Iced Purple Bomb, Iced Berry Bomb, Luscious, Mango Bomb, Purple Bomb, and Lush Ice.

If you are planning to gift someone a premium mod box to your vaper friend, go for the Tesla’s latest intelligent vaping device, commonly known as Hell’s Gate Touch 200W TC Box Mod. This is one of the most portable and compact devices, made from zinc alloy, and is equipped with 510 spring-loaded connections.

This mod also comes with a touch screen display, two 18650 batteries (1W-200W), and a temperature handling capability of 200-600. 

Why is AVC. the best for all the vapors in Pakistan?

Artisan Vape Pakistan is a heritage of modern e-cigarettes. Artisan vape is the future of smoke-free Pakistan. We aim to evolve an individual’s life by diverting them to vaping and ridding away past cigarettes. 


When it comes to vape, the artisan vape gives super exciting options. These fascinating flavors, juices with unique designs, and accessories are ever-green. These features blend it immaculately for growth. 

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