Best Mini Pods in Pakistan 2019

There is a vast variety of products available to choose from when it comes to vaping and accessories. Vaping is an on-the-go kind of hobby and it is best to have handy and portable devices that can be carried along at all times. The modifications are so efficient and smooth lately that the most improved qualities have been minimized into smaller sizes and packaging. This does not degrade these products in quality, results, or any other way. Here is a list of best mini vape pods in Pakistan listed for the year 2019.

  • Lost Vape Orion Q Pod Kit

This is a compact and simple pod kit best suited for beginners. A handy device, it is both small and lightweight but solid in its making, manufactured with premium quality alloy and lined by carbon fiber that provides an excellent grip. The cartridge comes on and off easily and is quite easy to refill. Also, a slide-off button is provided at the side to replace the cartridge.

This pod uses a direct voltage-based output that is determined by the battery level. It affords a maximum of 17W wattage and makes use of a 1-ohm pod. The pod bears a capacity of 2mL. it also comes with a safety feature that prevents short-circuit protection, temperature variation, resistance variation and protects from the weak battery as well. This compact device has an LED display that shows the current battery level. The battery is a built-n 950mAh which delivers almost 500 puffs in one charge. The only drawback with this device is sometimes there can be dry hits involved.

  • myBlu Starter Kit

This is a handy hybrid MTL device which is minimally designed and easy-to-use. The pods come pre-filled and are only replaced after use. This device uses draw activation and thus has no buttons to it.

It uses a 350mAh battery which has the capacity to power around 400 puffs on a single charge. The battery part also has an LED display that shows the remaining battery. The orange light shows half battery remaining while a red light indicates the time to charge. Also, the kit comes with a USB cable for charging purposes and takes only 20 minutes to charge fully. The pod capacity is 1.5mL and the best vape flavors available are all so diverse ranging from Mango to classic Tobacco and everything in between!

  • Kilo 1K Ultra E-Cigarette Pod System

This is a compact device known for its sleek design and elegant black body, weighing only 26 grams which makes it even more portable and handy. The system is quite user-friendly as well. It uses a plug-and-play magnetic connection pod system. The mechanism for inhaling is draw activated and provides a powerful mouth to lung draw.

The pods are not refilled and are only replaced. These have a capacity of 1.5mL of e-liquid containing 45mg of nicotine. Six flavor options including strawberry, nutty, lemon berry ice, menthol tobacco, dewberry, and tobacco are available. These pods are leak-free and spill-free that ensures no liquid goes to waste. It works with an atomizer that has a resistance of 1.8 ohms and runs on voltage based output. The mechanism uses no buttons.

The device uses a built-in 350mAh battery that takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge. It also has an LED display that changes color from red to white upon complete charging and also indicates when the device is being used or undercharging. The only downside is that the pods are sold separately and not with the kit.

  • Smoking Vapor Mi-Pod Starter Kit

This is one of the most compact stylish devices available in the market that is also portable. It uses draw activation and has no buttons. The device does come with an LED display to show battery levels. Blue, purple, and red lights indicate full, half and low battery levels respectively. It uses an integrated 950mAh battery that lasts the entire day.

It uses both refillable and replaceable pods having a pod capacity of 2mL. Additionally, there is a side vertical transparent window to check the remaining liquid. It has a voltage output of 3 to 4.2 volts and uses a cartridge resistance of 1.3 ohms. The special feature is the added stealth protection mechanism and other safety mechanisms that provide protection against overheating, short circuit, low voltage, and low resistance. The OAS (Oil and Air System) prevents leaking of liquid as well.

  • Suorin Edge    

This is a super small device that uses a 230mAh battery and provides 10W wattage output. The added plus is that the kit includes two spare batteries for a seamless vaping experience.

It uses replaceable pods of 1.5mL capacity and a 1.4-ohm resistance coil for MTL vaping. The pods are filled from the side by a window and an ejector button releases the battery. It comes with a power button that activates the device on clicking give times. The option of draw activation is also available.



The device is quite compact and sleek made out of aluminum alloy and has three different color options including red, black and silver. An LED indicator light shows the battery level. It charges fully in about half an hour and is super stylish to look at.

  • Rubi Kandypens

This is one of the finest and most sophisticated devices in the market. It measures only 4 inches and is quite discreet in design. It comes with pre-filled pods that are also refillable. These pods can be refilled by any liquid and not just the designated Ruby ones which means any customized liquids can also be used with this small, sleek device, including thick oils.

This device has a temperature control feature that goes up to 482°F for a smooth vaping experience. It uses ceramic coils and cotton wick which ensures maximum flavor extraction.

It uses draw activation so no buttons are there and no hassle of settings management. The battery lasts for about 50 puffs before it needs to be recharged.

In today’s rapidly advancing market industry, these are a few best picks in terms of design, technicality as well as quality and safety features for mini pods in Pakistan listed for the year 2019.

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