Best Vape Mods For Beginners

Vaping is not just a habit anymore, it is a thriving phenomenon. With more and more people turning to vape, be it former smokers, younger people trying to catch up with the new trends or simply the elderly turning to vaping for their nicotine satisfaction, Vaping has become a huge market. The fierce competition has made the market really competitive and newer variables with advanced and improved technology are being introduced each day. This is exactly what makes it even more difficult to choose the best option from a wide range of available items. Here is a guide to choosing the best, affordable yet sophisticated vape pod systems for beginners to make the best pick from!

  • Suorin Edge Pod System

Suorin is a prestigious name in the Vape World and is known particularly for its innovative designs and products like the Suorin Drop 2 Kit. The Suorin Edge Pod System is a tiny device with a minimalistic design. It has two removable batteries of 230mAh power that charge real quick, in an estimated time of 30 minutes or even less. The batteries can be charged by a USB C port.

The distinguishing feature of these batteries is the feasibility of charging. These can be charged while detached from the device which gives the provision to always have a fully charged battery available on hand. So basically you never run out of battery power. Not only can the batteries be charged while detached from the device, but these can also be charged when inside the device and the device is in use which means you can always vape while charging the device just as well.

This device is an on draw one but it comes with a lock button. This makes it necessary to click the button five times in order to lock or unlock the device. It has a capacity of 1.5ml to contain the e-juice or the base liquid. One characteristic feature that makes it most suitable for smokers transitioning to vaping is the airflow such that you experience a strong mouth to lung hit. Actually, the airflow is minimal which allows for a very tight draw which consequently results in a strong lung hit. This suits the smokers as the pattern of conventional smoking gets replicated this way. The claim of this device is that it is suitable for vapers of any and every level from beginner to expert, and that makes it a winner.


This product is distinguished for its powerful battery and enhanced flavor and vapor production qualities. More equipped and advanced than the conventional vape devices, the VooPoo Rex is more suited to the people turning to vape from smoking with devotion. The device is lightweight, ergonomic and has a power of 80 watt through a single battery (18650 battery which is not included in the kit and has to be bought separately). This mod is a little on the higher side price wise but is rated as a good investment by the users already using the device.

The default kit consists of a stainless steel tank with a capacity of 5ml. the tank is special because it is designed with a bubble Pyrex tank. The tank comes with two coils of different wattages-55-65W and 70-80W.

The kit is accompanied by an innovative GENE.Fit chip that makes adjustment of settings easier. Hence, this more advanced vape starter kit model is a premium vaping experience that comes in different colors, is safe to use and has  various reliable safety protections. Other great iterations of Pods from VOOPOO are Argus P1 Kit and VOOPOO Vthru Pro Kit among many others.

  • Lost Vape Orion Q Pod System

This model is lightweight, small in size and highly durable, measuring at 93mm x 37mm x 13.5mm in depth. This Orion Q runs on a 950mAh battery and fires at 17W output for maximum vapor production.

The pods are sold separately and are not part of the kit. This one comes with a single-coil and a cotton wick. The capacity of the tank is 2ml to hold the base liquid or flavor. The flavor is quite strong and makes good clouds. Owing to the cotton wicks, it is advisable to fill the tank and let it soak for over 10 to 15 minutes.

 This pod is affordable but looks lavish and is durable in the long run. This is a good investment in an economical yet luxurious product.

  • Joyetech Ultex T8 80W Kit

This is an innovative, more advanced vape mod kit. The Joyetech Ultex is cylindrical in shape and is known for its portability and user-friendly attributes. This one does not come with coils but an NCfilm heater instead. The advantage of this mod is that it lasts longer than a coil, and its life is further extended if it’s cleaned periodically.

This heater comes with square-shaped organic wicks that are easily primed. The tank is easily filled from the top, it is anti-leak and has adjustable airflow for direct or indirect lung throw. The capacity of the tank is 5ml, with the flavor and vapor production both working extremely well with this device.

It runs on a single 18650 battery and fires up to an output of 80W max. This mod comes with a tiny OLED screen that simplifies the settings and also counts the number of puffs, puff time settings, and variable multiple outputs. The Joyetech Ultex has added protection provisions to ensure a safe vaping experience.

This kit comes in a wide variety of colors. It can readily fit into your pocket is quite portable fitting in the pocket to the cup holder in the car! This model is a good option, especially for newbies for a pleasurable vaping experience.

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