Vape Tax Plan Faces Backlash from Charities

It is believed and rumored that vape is a drug which causes cancer so government has put a tax ban on e cigarettes. In this blog, you will get to know if this new tax plan favors the general public or goes against national health.

The fact that you are on this blog means that you want clarification on the ongoing plan that apparently was devised for the welfare of citizens. Unfortunately, not many think that way.

The question is, why do most people think of a new vape plan to be a bust?

Well, the answer to this question is pretty straight forward. Vaping is the best alternative to smoking that saves you from many harmful diseases. Not only that, it is seen as something more of a ‘hope’ in the vaping community as it makes quitting cigarettes easier.

So, its high time that we put an end to all these rumors that have spread misconceptions about the use of E cigarettes. Also, on contrary to the rumors, the studies have shown that vaping industry has had a tremendous effect on cutting down the number of smokers in the past couple of years. Many people including vaping trade groups and charities have argued that the taxation on e cigarettes may cause unfavorable consequences for smokers and nonsmokers. As a result of this vape tax plan, we can expect a drastic increase in the use of harmful tobacco based cigarettes, which as a result, could create havoc in a society.  

A trusted source reveals that just fewer than 3 million vapers who started vaping in pursuit of quitting smoking could possibly be affected due to this exercise. National Health Service itself has vouched for these e cigarettes. In 2017, it was concluded in a ‘landmark’ study, conducted by NHS, that people who smoked on daily basis were having harmful toxins in their system as compared to the vapers who have been actively using E cigarettes or a NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy). Furthermore, these studies support the 2015’s Public Health England’s report that suggested how E cigarettes are 95 percent healthier and safer than traditional cigarettes.

Moreover, a renowned institute of Cancer Research UK has also downplayed the new plan insisting that a tax ban would only create a hindrance for people who wanted to quit smoking by switching to vaping.

With all these health organizations advocating the use of e cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes, the government should revise the tax plans so that society as a whole can eliminate the dangerous habit of smoking.

According to Tobacco Association Manufacturers, more than 12 billion GBP is accumulated in government’s account of tax collection. Considering the huge figure, it seems like a bad idea devising a new tax plan for vaping as we would be pushing people toward the death rope.

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