Main differences between E-Cigarettes and vaporizers

Most of you newcomers would be curious to know what makes vaporizers different from E-cigarette kits. Well, here we aim to solidify your concepts about what these are.

With a ban on cigarettes in most countries, people are now considering E cigarettes and Vaporizers as the best alternatives. To start off, let’s talk a bit about what E cigarettes are. These devices are mostly common among people who want to quit smoking and are looking for something similar. It has different types, but more or less, all of these devices work in a similar fashion. Ciga-likes, Vaporizers, Juuls are some of the names E-cigarettes have been referred to. While they might have the same mechanism, the differentiation is based on minute aspects like Size, shape and of course, trends.

For now, Vaporizers and E Cigs are commonly used among vapers. The differences between these two have been described below under each differentiating factor.


E-cigarettes were first introduced with a mission of taking over traditional cigarettes to help them live a healthier life. Hence, e cigarettes were designed in resemblance with traditional e cigarettes to make it easier for smokers to switch. Now people refer to those devices as ciga-likes or e-cigs and they are still common and widely used among people who are trying to quit smoking. In contrast to traditional devices, vaporizers are relatively larger in size and by default, have more features for vapers to experience.


A traditional E-cig is customizable when it comes to its features. On the other hand, Vaporizers have got more room for that; they are upgradable and re-filling them is much easier.

Throat hits

Owing to their features, the smaller e cigarettes tend to give less powerful throat hits. Whereas, vapor e cigarettes or vaporizers are known for the harder hits to the throat and chest.

Use with Cartomizers

Usually, ciga-likes don’t entertain cartomizers but the newest ones do have an option to be used with cartomizers in varied strengths of nicotine. However,  vaporizers would always work best with cartomizers; the heat is passed through them at a set temperature which results in smooth vapors.

If you are looking for a vaporizer, Vaporesso Mini Revenger Kit would be the best choice as many vapers love how affordable it is with all the basic features.

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