Why 18650 is Best Battery for Vaping

Choosing the right vape battery

Surfing the internet in search of best vape batteries for your cloud-chasers? Well, keep reading because in this blog, we are going to talk about one of the best e-batteries available in the market today.

If you want to have the most quintessential experience of vaping, you need something to back your device up. For that matter, batteries are the deal-breakers. But then again, not all batteries will suit your cloud-making machine. Some batteries last longer while others, not so much. Similarly, there are some that perform way better than the ones with better life. There needs to be a perfect sync between the device you buy and your lifestyle. To achieve that level of match, we have described the fundamentals of battery dynamics and the advantages of one of our best batteries.

And unlike other accessories, prices aren’t important when buying a battery that can make your vaping experiences safer. Talking about important factors, we can give suggestions based on capacity, operating temperature, current ratings and most importantly, the voltage.

Capacity, Voltage and Current

Don’t worry! It’s not a physics lesson. However, understanding these principles will definitely enhance your e-cigarette buying skills. Capacity will let you know the average timing of your device. Measured in milliamperes, most good batteries have a capacity of 2400mAh. These batteries can last for around 2 hours, but that’s just a smart guess. Other factors like voltage and current ratings can also impact the performance and battery life at the same time.

If you like hard-hitting, then you will love the concept of Volts. If your device has a higher voltage, more current will be delivered to the coil. Hence, massive vapors will be produced. Talking about the current, it’s good to have high current ratings in general, but not necessarily. As mentioned earlier, many factors hinder or boost the performance. So, you have to make sure that all the other factors complement each other. Therefore, it is recommended that you study the specifications of your desired device before buying it.

Why 18650 is best battery for vaping?

It all comes down to 18650 batteries mostly because they are very convenient for all the vapers. Whether you own a mechanical mod or a regulated vape kit, these devices are most suitable for your vaping needs. They come with high voltage which works the best when you want to produce most intense vapors. Moreover, when combined with high current rating, and low operating temperature, these incredible batteries will keep the vapor-flow going. Also, these lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable and can be conveniently attached with other electronic devices.

If you ask us to name one product in terms of high efficiency, we believe our LG HG2 18650 qualifies for the league. It’s powered by 3000mAh battery striking out all other 18650 batteries. With high capacity, this fantastic vape battery works best for flashlights and power banks. And unlike other batteries, you won’t find any discrepancy between its features and experience. So, let’s feed the hunger of your device with its outstanding power!

Buy online vape batteries

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