More Vaping Ads Please, Say Smokers

More Vaping Ads Please, Say Smokers

The time has come when smokers are actually rooting for vaping ads. To know how much truthful the statement is, we have gathered some facts and figures to help you understand why smokers want to see vaping ads.

Imagine driving down a highway and seeing an advertisement of a cigarette on a billboard.

You would be astounded right?

Tobacco advertisement has been banned in Pakistan since 2006. They are not allowed to advertise on platforms such as electronic media, Print media and billboards. The reason is quite simple; smoking cigarettes is harmful for your health.

However, there is an alternative for the smoke addicts, an E-cigarette. A Research by Royal College of Physicians shows that E-cigarettes do not carry the dangers of traditional cigarettes yet provide smokers the same leisure. In fact, many chain smokers have claimed that e-cigarettes eventually helped them quit smoking.

Why not advertise them despite the known benefits?

A study by Anna Tuchman, an assistant professor of marketing at Kellogg, found that an increase in the number of TV commercials for e-cigarettes led to a decrease in traditional cigarette sales. E-cigarette market is growing around the world. As estimated 16% high school students used e-cigarettes in USA. On the contrary only 9% used traditional ones. Debate has been going on in UK for many years regarding legalization of vapor products. It is said that soon e-cigarettes would be recommended by National Health Services (NHS). The trend of E-cigarettes is going upward in Pakistan as well.

According to studies conducted by Cancer Research UK, it was found out that vaping is less harmful then their traditional counterparts. All previous studies also reached the same conclusion.

Increasing taxes on tobacco and the banning the sale of open cigarettes are some of the tactics used unsuccessfully in Pakistan to curb the use of carcinogenic cigarettes. The only way forward is to promote the use of vapor products. Numerous studies have pointed towards its benefits. Traditional cigarettes kill 100,000 people annually in Pakistan. These lives could be saved if TV ads mentioning the benefits of Vapor products are shown. Already a multiple vapor companies are operating successfully in Pakistan. So, based on the facts and figures mentioned in this blog, it can be said that advertisement can enhance the reach of e-cigarettes and eventually help smokers in quitting cigarettes.

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