What are the top 5 vaping devices to buy online

What are the Top 5 Vaping Devices to Buy Online?

Leaving smoking is the hard part but it can become easy by switching to vape mods or disposable vapes. In this blog, we have described the hottest-selling devices while emphasizing on the importance of having a right device for all of you novice and advanced vapers.

We just can’t resist going for beautiful escapades of vaping whenever we feel frustrated, happy or even sad. Vapes aren’t just machines or devices; they are more than that. They provide companionship and take away all kinds of negative emotions. They are simply your ‘thunder buddies’ for life. Keeping that in mind, it is pertinent that you choose the best partner to make your experience worthwhile.

Having all the devices for you to vape, buy online these five hot-selling ones for a better day:

#1 Smok G Priv V2 with X Baby Tank
Smok G Priv V2 is the new talk of the town! Vapers from all corners of the country have loved its slim and stylish appearance. Apart from its design, its user-friendly interface has managed to make a place in hearts of many vapers. Featured with high-definition display, the tech-savvy vapers adore this new version. Its beauty isn’t confined to innovation and design; Smok G Priv V2 gives you X Baby tank and a top-notch airflow system allowing the enthusiasts to produce smoothest aromatic vapors. SMOK has now released the newest iteration in the G Priv line, the SMOK G Priv 4 Kit.

#2 Wismec Predator 228 Kit
Inferior devices don’t stand a chance against this powerful beast. Having 18650 dual replaceable cells, it knocks out all its rivals with sheer power that can go up to 228W/50A. If you have got a dominating personality, Wismec Predator 228W Kit will add value to your persona. Complemented by its everlasting battery, its brilliant coil system is designed in such way that aims to enhance the flavor when taken a hit.

#3 Vaporesso Revenger X Kit
From the house of Revengers, this version is the newest member of the clan. With highly integrated user interface, its responsiveness is instant. The experts have specifically designed this machine for the next generation of vapers with top-tier features. But then again, its user-friendly interface will allow any beginner to understand its mechanism easily. Vaporesso Mods are some of the best vape mod available in Pakistan.

#4 Smok Mag 225W Kit
Vapers call it ‘Fast & Furious’ because that’s how it rolls. The gun sound that this device offers while loading is absolutely soothing to your mind. Not only that, it puts the rainbows to shame with its 26 different types of colors. Sounds pretty cool, right? It doesn’t even end there. Available in three modes, its temp mode allows you to adjust the taste of vapor with each hit, depending on your taste. Let’s end the wait and vape!

#5 Wismec Reuleaux RX2 20700 Kit
Last but not the least; from the house of Reuleaux, Wismec presents you the most updated edition. Its easy-to-use interface will make your experience colloquial. One of the notable updates in this device is the improved coil system for you vapers to get the optimal flavor of the vape juice.

You can find many more vaping devices online on our website.

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