Facts About Electronic Cigarettes

Facts about electronic cigarettes

Also known as E-cig devices, these devices are the next big thing for a reason. They produce vapors instead of smoke; that is exactly why we don’t associate it with smoking. Unlike the latter, these electronic cigarettes are much healthier alternative to burning tobacco cigarettes.

Is it true that these new E-cig devices are helping hundreds in pursuit of quitting smoking?

You bet it is!

Cigarettes contain 40 types of toxins that are hazardous to your health. These contain addictive chemicals like tar, carbon monoxide and nicotine. Other than propylene, glycol and nicotine, E liquids do not contain deadly and life-threatening toxins. Now you all must be getting curious about the nicotine extracts that are present in vape juices. You are right one that, but here’s the catch E liquids generally contain low levels of nicotine than that of tobacco cigarettes. This drastic drop allows the beginners to re-adjust their nicotine needs in the body. And once those needs are lessened, the 0mg vape juices will do the rest and help break the addiction permanently.

Are you conscious about aesthetics?

The modern Electronic cigarettes will help you say goodbye to bad breath, yellow-skin and an unattractive smell that is stuck in your clothes. The vapors that are produced during vaping are quickly faded away, leaving pleasant aromas. Furthermore, E liquids contain non-clingy chemicals that are less harmful to your body and skin. So, let’s get far from the pungent tar, shall we?

Have you ever wondered how much money one can save by switching to vaping?

Talking about money matters, this calculated move can not only save your cash but also help your lungs from dying. (we all know how costly these medical treatments are). Sure, Starter kits can be expensive but then again, it’s a one-time investment that will pay off for the rest of your life.

The freedom is yours

No matter where you are, these e-cig devices will accompany you everywhere. No more hiding from non-smokers; because unlike smoking, vaping is environment-friendly.  You can vape around your office, home, and in supermarkets without making others feel uncomfortable.

Let’s face it; it’s not the healthiest way, but it leads to something much healthier.

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