Top 3 Best Sub Ohm Tanks for Flavor

Top 3 Best Sub Ohm Tanks for Flavor

Vapers who haven’t tried best sub-ohm vaping tanks yet should definitely explore the sublime benefits of it. In this blog, you will get to know modern way of cloud-chasing.

Apart from delicious hits, many beginners crave the vapor formation in which massive vapors are originated from the mouth and are smoothly disappeared into the air like feathers. Have you ever wondered how people are able to produce those thick plumes of vapors with ease? You definitely have!

Well, the secret to achieving such heights in vaping is Sub-ohm vaping. Thanks to George Simon Ohm for the discovery of Ohm’s law, vaping has been revolutionized on the principles of Amperes, volts and resistances. Usually in typical vaping, the resistance is above 1 Ohm but in sub ohm, it’s lowered and the amount of power that flows in the circuit is increased. As a result, coil gets hotter and more intense vapors are produced. It’s a much rewarding concept that can do wonders for you!

So, get rid of your old and ordinary vape tanks that no longer serve their purpose. And check out these spectacular sub-ohm tanks that can fill the emptiness in your vape-life.

Uwell Crown III Sub-Ohm Tank


Being the newest member of the Crown family, Uwell Crown 3 is equipped with the most innovative sub-ohm coil system that not only provides you the perfect resistance level, but also enables you to change coils for its maintenance.

Uwell Valyrian Sub-Ohm Tank

Another from the house of Uwell, Valyrian Sub-Ohm tank gives customization a new meaning as it comes with 3 interchangeable coil pins.  Not only that, it’s airflow configurations are tweaked with best parts that provides the best taste. It’s simply the best sub ohm tank for flavor.

Morpheus Sub-Ohm Tank

Do you dream about thick clouds and having a delectable flavor? That’s what Morpheus Sub-Ohm tank is all about. It transforms your dreams into reality in form of vapors and best throat hits. The efficient coil system and sub ohm resistances allow you to take the vaping experiences to new heights. Moreover, with its modified airflow ring, you can control the flow of vapors the way you want.

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