5 Easy Ways to Stop Your Coil From Burning

If you are reading this blog, chances are that you have experienced a ‘burnt taste’ from an expired wick.  Many people who don’t understand how wicking in vape coils works can experience this burnt mist that hits straight to your throat.

It’s a buzz-killer! A burnt wick can not only make your vaping experiences horrendous but also makes you think about pretty shady scenarios. Once you inhale such mist, you might feel suffocated, like the police have thrown the tear gas on you thinking you are a riot.

But how do you detect if your coil is burned out? If you are new to vaping, you will still feel the change in taste of your e liquid flavor when your wick runs out of life. The fresh smell and the scrumptious flavor turn into something pungent and ash-like.

To understand how your coil gets burnt too soon, let’s suppose you’ve got a brand new vape kit. When you take a hit from that device, the electric volts are flowed in your coils and as a result, the thermal energy is generated that is taken up by your vape juice. The soaking coils keep the process of vaporization of e liquids intact. However, if your tank is empty, the coils will keep burning and the ‘overly cooked’ taste will ruin your perfect vaping experience.

But don’t you worry! With 5 simple ways, you can stop getting that throat-clutching taste in your mouth.

Get your atomizer primed up!

When you replace a coil, you have to wait for couple of minutes to make sure your coils are completely soaked up. Don’t want to wait long enough? Well, you’ve got to prime your coils! Priming means doing the soaking part yourself before installing the wicks. Doing it yourself can ensure smoothness in your vaping.

Another way to prime your coils up is to puff few times without pressing the fire button. This lets the e liquid touch the coils but overdoing the puff method can let too much e liquid get inside which can ruin the whole thing.

Decrease your power settings

Sometimes, when you are vaping on high-power settings on high capacity vape batteries, your coils can get all dried up too quickly. However, vaping on high wattage can help you produce thicker clouds than that of vaping on lower power setting. So, you will have to keep changing the coils to ensure that burnt flavor doesn’t come in your mouth. Or simply you can lower down the wattage as its pros overshadow the cons. Decreasing the power not only saves your delicious e liquid but also keeps your coils well-soaked for vaping.

More use of Propylene Glycol

For those who aren’t familiar with this its definition. Propylene Glycol is commonly known as PG among vapers and experts. It is an essential non-toxic ingredient that is odorless, colorless and much thinner than Vegetable Glycerin (VG).

Using e liquids that contain more PG can take care of your coils when it comes to soaking them. PG being the thinner ingredient has much lower viscosity as compared to VG and hence, is quick in soaking coils.

Avoid sweeteners in your vape juice

As sweet as they sound, unfortunately, they have an opposite effect on your precious coils. Too much sweeteners in e liquids can ruin perfect wicking by destroying your coils with its stickiness. Yes, you can try cleaning up the coils but then again, who is ready to bear such hassles? You can simply make sure the problem doesn’t occur instead of wasting time on fixing it. How is that for a change?

A best way to avoid most wick problems is to use an e liquid that has least amount of sweetening ingredients in it.

Getting temperature controlled mods

Utilizing the temperature control feature in your device is like performing a magic that keeps the fun going. By the detection of resistances, TC mods like Geekvape Aegis T200 or Freemax Maxus Max Pro 168w TC box mod can help you choose an optimum temperature so that too much power doesn’t destroy your coils.

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