Should vaping be allowed at work?

Asking about the vaping at work is different than asking if smoking a cigarette is a good idea at a workplace. This blog is informative for all the vapers who want to take this activity at their place of work.

It is true that law doesn’t permit the citizens to smoke at a workplace. But does this rule really apply to vaping? Let’s find out.

According to legal definitions, the use of Electronic Cigarettes does not come under the category of smoking. Cigarettes contain tobacco, tar and other harmful toxins that are absolutely life-threatening. Moreover, studies have shown that cigarette smokers habitually need to go out to smoke few times a day to end their tobacco craving. Such behavioral patterns can lead to some serious repercussions.

On the other hand, the Journal of Public Health Policy has regarded E-cigarettes or vape devices as much safer alternatives to smoking traditional cigarettes. Many organizations are realizing that now and hence are allowing their employees to vape.

Now we all have come to an understanding that E-cigarettes are simply safer to use compared to tobacco cigarettes. But how does it qualify to be used at a workplace?

It helps the employees to quit smoking

Quitting smoking can make the workers more efficient in the long-run with less absenteeism. And owing to its advantages, it’s no surprise that organizations like Ebsco Spring Company are actually providing E-cigarette kits to its employers so that they quit smoking and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Won’t make your colleagues suffocate

It is no secret that e cigarettes release vapors that disappear into the air leaving a pleasing scent, unlike tobacco cigarettes that release dangerous toxins that affects others around you.

Do’s and Don’ts

But employees should make sure that they follow certain Do’s and don’ts if they decide to vape at work.

  •        Keep the clouds to minimal
  •        As much as you want to produce thick aromatic clouds and let people witness the pleasantry, you should keep your vape game low. Some people don’t react very well to vapors getting blown on their faces. And if you don’t want to compromise on the experience, just distance yourself a little to a not so close proximity and hit it.
  •        If you work in a crowded area, it is recommended that you do not vape in front of children and pregnant ladies.

But then again, there is no simple answer whether vaping should be allowed at work or not as it depends on the organization that you work for. But overall, keeping in view its pros, we should definitely see how it goes.

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