Top Vape Tanks – What You Need to Know About 510 Connectors

510 connectors have been the industry standard for all high vape tanks these past years. Whether they’re on Vape Tanks or the best quality vape mods, 510s have become essential.

They get their names from the following two elements:

    The connector is 5 mm long;
    10 threads run along the connectors;

Easy enough, right? But how it works is a much more complicated matter. The Artisan Company will explain just that, right now. If you want to get a deeper understanding of how the top vape tanks work, then read on.

How 510s Work

There are two sides to the 510 connectors: male and female. Each side has three corresponding sections that do their part of the job:

    An outer section – the negative part of the conduit that is combined with something called a collar. You can recognize it by the fact that it looks like a small collar, a circular metallic ring. The streaks you can see on the collar are called threads.
    An inner section – inside the 510 you will find the pin that brings electric current from your battery to the atomizer. It is the positively-charged contact.
    The insulator – the thing that keeps the negative and positive sides separated. If the insulator is not properly installed (for example, if you re-assemble the e-cig incorrectly), you run the risk of short-circuiting.

Not even the top vape tanks can withstand short-circuiting from improper reassembly. Don’t want another visit to the vape shop? Then get someone familiar with vapor cigarettes to attach it for you.

How You Can Maintain Them

As with all parts on your e-cig, 510s also require some maintenance once in a while. For example, the connectors can oxidize over long periods, so they need regular cleaning.

On the inside section, you will be able to see some threads similar to the ones on the collar. Use a Q-tip with petite dish soap and clean the threads. The same should be done to the outside ones.

Want to prevent the threads from gathering up debris? Then make sure not to drip too much e-juice. That is if you vape by dripping and are not using a standard vape tank.

Also, remember the insulator we talked about previously? When you disassemble your e-cig, make sure it doesn’t show signs of wear and tear.

If you see any cracks or melted parts, stop using your vapor cigarettes immediately. Visit your local vape shop and ask for a replacement. Otherwise, you risk an expensive accident. Namely, your e-cig will be totally ruined, rather than just the insulator.

Facts About Electronic Cigarettes

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