Is vaping really cheaper than smoking?

Vaping vs smoking – A battle of cost

Since 2007, the world has been witnessing the rising glory of Electronic Cigarettes. And it seems like these devices are posing a great threat to the future of traditional cigarettes. At the end of this blog, you will be able to deduce who wins the battle.

Are you also wondering if switching to vape devices can save you chunk of your money?

You are not alone! If you are new to vaping or an expert who wants to justify his actions, you are reading the right stuff. And to answer the key question, you have to know there are two aspects that need to be considered. Firstly, comparing the costs of E cigarettes with tobacco ones can give you an objective deduction. But then again, there are hidden costs that come along with such activities. These hidden costs include your medical bills that will make you run after your money.

So, if we take into account the health repercussions faced after becoming an addicted cigarette user, suffocating diseases like Asthma and lungs cancer come to our mind. Furthermore, its not just the individual smoker that gets hurt, that smoke pollutes the environment that may trigger illnesses in other people as well. A study at Public Health England shows that vaping is 95 percent safer and healthier than smoking injurious cigarettes. Hence, it makes perfect sense that cigarettes should be thrown away to avoid health risks and financial wastage.

Talking about the costings of E Cigarettes, a famous blog Nerdwallet has claimed that vaping is 46 percent cheaper than smoking on yearly basis. According to another study, it is noted that people who have low economic status are more inclined to smoking. So, wouldn’t it help them avoid many health related problems while saving a buck or two for a rainy day? Touche! So let’s stop making dent in your wallet and switch to e cigarettes for a change.

Are you looking to go further down the road? Don’t worry, vaping has got that covered for you if you utilize the devices properly. Most vape kits come with a dropper and you can easily refill your tank and save ton of money at the same time without the hassle of buying another E cigarette. Unlike cigarettes, it’s a one time investment that pays off for the longer time periods.

After assessing all the facts, it is evident that vaping takes the lead in all the aspects that influence your lifestyle.

So, kick the nasty habit of smoking and save some money!

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