Should you buy a mod vape or a vape pen

Should you buy a mod vape or a vape pen?

Vape pen versus mod vape

Sometimes making simplest of the decisions can be hard. Such is the story with deciding whether to buy a vape mod or a vape pod/pen. In this blog, we will pamper you with sufficient knowledge that will let you make a choice.

Difference between vape pen and a vape mod

Why would someone buy a vape mod or a vape pen? Understanding the differences between these two vape devices is the first step of your buying process.

Well, some people say that vape box mods are better while others prefer vape pens. Sure, each person is different and we all prioritize things based on what we fancy. So, frankly, buying an e-cigarette device has more to do with your current lifestyle.  You have to match your behavioral patterns with that of specifications of a particular device and see what makes it work for you. Here are some of the factors that can lead you straight to your next vaping companion.

Size and complexity

It’s not a hidden truth that all vaping devices come in different shapes and sizes. But what makes them complex to understand is their functionality. Like shapes, each device comes in with distinctive features that can either ease you up or put you through hassle. But then again, not all complex looking devices are actually difficult when it comes to practical experience. Some latest technology equipped devices have the most friendly user interface that can make your vaping experiences unforgettable. For instance, Geekvape Aegis T200 is a complex looking device but once you get yourself familiar with its specifications, it can not only give smooth vapors but it’s user friendly UI will smoothen up your life as well.

Money Matters

Yes, money does matter! If you cannot afford an expensive device, you will probably look for something affordable like the Uwell Koko Pod or Caliburn Gk2 that can also fulfill your needs. Good thing, there is a variety of vape mods and vape pens available in different prices.  While it is true that vape pens are particularly cheaper than box mods, there are some box mods in the market that are less expensive and have the same basic features that a good box mod would usually have. For example, Kratos 60w Temp Control Mod is somewhere in the middle of expensive and cheap. And if you can afford that, get ready for some next level vaping.


Sometimes choosing a device can be a bit of a challenge when you do constant travelling and hence, you can only carry limited amount of stuff with you. And it is absolutely true that vape pens, being sleeker, are naturally portable than a regular vape mods. So, if you are a box-mod lover, I’m afraid the vape pens take a lead here. However, if you still want a box mod, you can choose the one that is relatively smaller in size.


If you have bunch of kids around in house or if you are a little clumsy, chances are that a regular device won’t survive much longer. Would it suit you to buy a vape pen in that situation? Not really! If you are a dropper, damage can be done whether it’s a vape pen or a box vape mod. So, in that regard, choosing the most robust kind of a mod will do it for you. There are many vape pens and mods in the market that are made of steel or have a naturally solid body build specifically for its strength.

SMOK Morph 2 Kit is a perfect balance between durability and weight. As sometimes, we tend to drop things that are heavy. Not the case with this sophisticated vaping machine.

Power and Battery

Before buying a vape pen or a mod, you have to ask yourself that how long your battery is going to last? Vape mods in this case yield long-lasting batteries as they are equipped with high capacity vape batteries that are much better at prolonging your vaping experiences.

Final Verdict

Well, it all boils down to the fact that if you are a user who prefers portability and affordability, you should go for a vape pen. But overall, we can’t argue that Box mods are the most advanced form of vape devices that you should buy if you don’t want to compromise on the experience.

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